now that its done, thank you guys! the amount of stuff i got away with is amazing, actually for most of time time the admins are clueless. This account was my DA, I literally transferd items from old account to start this account with the admins watching and told them its my brother, i dont even want to know how many DA are there if I was able to pull such thing without any good plan. (Did it a year ago, maybe longer) Can’t count how many New players Lost there stuff by „investing” into our fund that didn’t generate any money and caisno blackjack which we messed up cards on without anyone noticing. It was fun but the whole situation shows how poor the administration works here. If I wouldn’t have intenationally went on mass rule breaking today, I could have still played, due to IB Programme can’t anymore Sad. Hope I could feed some mouths with hundereds of moneypacks I bought. Also tip for some of you guys, If admin pulls you to the roof, act clueless and look for loopholes, they are always there and they saved me more than once Tounge
(06-27-2020, 11:22 PM)Saymon Polonczyk Wrote: Hope I could feed some mouths with hundereds of moneypacks I bought.

[Image: 148.jpg]

Hats off to you for bypassing our NSA grade security systems! Cheerio

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what was ur original account, im interested now!
In a bit.

[Image: andrew-tate-top-g.gif]
[Image: jUcv1hb.png]
Take care of yourself Smile
[Image: 0SSh1TN.png]
is this man apart of anonymous?

take care
Fearless Full-Time Roleplayer

[Image: qVdVN2yh.jpg]
Very clever if you ask me.

Knew he was a DA from early days there is no 30 hour player that knows every rule is rich asf and knew more of the server than a 500 hour player he made it so obvious but then again it is so easy to DA and get away with it

See you later fellow DA
Good riddance, such a clever person.
Wow man you cool

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