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Random Raiding

Staff Member: Fulz

Involved users
ghostk1ll3r, joshz, raiding party (idk their names)

Why should you be unblacklisted?
I was banned for random raiding which is false. As stated in DM's and during the @ sit  to the banning admin Fultz, my reason for raid was pots. As already stated, I was informed of this information by JoshZ, that is why we raided. So this is a perfectly valid reason and comes under rule 7.5 Smile . I don't know what more to say so I'll keep this short and sweet, any questions I am free to answer. 

Cheers, dob.
I have spoken to you about this in game and in discord. You then wait how long to appeal this? I don't know what has changed to post this now compared to when it happened
I don’t see why time should be a factor in this appeal. I’ve already stated the reason for raid, I am free to answer any questions to help greater understand of the situation. Either way our reason to raid was pots, I don’t get why I’m still blacklisted.


you never responded in your dm's so I had no other choice to get this removed - please reply.
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I didn't respond because I can only run in the same circle so long. You revenge raided the group you lost to directly after the nlr timer was done. Unless you have anything else to add I'll deny this
I didn’t revenge raid, I had a VALID reason which was POTS which I knew because JOSHZ TOLD ME.  This is all true, as you ‘witnessed’, What more am I supposed to add? Why would I risk getting a punishment as a veteran with 1.5k hours for some pots? Revenge raiding is not against the rules, plus I was banned for random raiding.... THIS WAS NOT RANDOM. Why is POTS not a VALID reason to raid???? //phone

Edit: Nor did I break NLR, can you prove this? I raided after 10 minutes and the reason was found during my new life. I would also like to add I would never lie in the courthouse, so I hope you can take this post seriously.
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When did Josh see the pots?

Why didn't Josh raid with you for the pots?

Why did you originally tell me you saw the pots whenever you snuck into their base and afterwards bring up Josh?
1) You will have to ask Josh, I think he might have saw them drop of em off in a truck could be wrong or mixed up with another raid, ask Josh.

2) I don’t know.

3) I can’t recall, I didn’t start shooting until I saw the pots in their base but ultimately snuck in because Josh said they had pots.

Why is Josh saying they had pots not valid reason to raid? And how does Josh not raiding with us contribute to this?//phone
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(06-06-2020, 10:24 AM)Darth Vader Wrote: 1) You will have to ask Josh, I think he might have saw them drop of em off in a truck could be wrong or mixed up with another raid, ask Josh.


When I was returning to farms I saw the pots in the back of a tides truck, I didn't raid because I didn't have ammo. I asked Ghost but he was mid raid so he was very occupied on shooting people. Ty JoshZ xxxxxx

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Cheers JoshZ for clearing that up. //phone

Any other questions to assist with the understanding of how it was a valid raid I am more than happy to answer.
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He was with you though. Since he was the one who blew up the vehicle ramming into their base before you snuck in. Reason him seeing the pots is invalid is everything building up to that point and the fact he saw the pots prior to me teleporting him back into the city because he was breaking nlr.

If he confidently saw pots you wouldn't have snuck into their base or would ram vehicles into their base. Or raid while half your crew didn't. You did because you guys didn't think you would get in trouble for it which you did. You simply raided the same group you just lost to directly after the nlr timer on an incredibly weak claim which looks even more weak whenever the one who is claiming to see it didn't want to partake.


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