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What do you do in real life?
With such a diverse community here, I have always wondered what all of us do on a daily basis. I think it would be quite interesting to discuss what we all do for either an occupation, school, or just whatever it is you do.

I'll start:
  • Occupation - Security Enforcement Officer @ Target Corp. Data Center in Minnesota
My job is to monitor alarms and around 50 cameras, deter possible intruders, verify identities for granting access to the data center, as well as interior/exterior foot patrol of this 300,000+ sqft building.

So, what do you do? Let's hear about it!

Nice try federal agent  Cool
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Work wise? I work as a Support Worker in a homeless centre, done it initially just for something to do to kill time and extra Mula and now I’ve been there a year. Duties are things such as maintaining medication, doing welfare, support plans, property biddings all sorts.
Seen 2 dead bodies and stabbed a bunch of people with naloxone whilst they are overdosing. All part of the fun
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I currently work for a Jewellers full time
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I’m just stacking shelves full time in a supermarket whilst I’m training to either be a Prison guard or enter the police force.

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(05-24-2020, 12:24 PM)Forgee Wrote: I currently work for a Jewellers full time

That’s crazy let me get a rollie
Currently studying computer science/software engineering full time and a bit more than halfway through my education. Doing 10 exams every year is not fun Upside_down

To pay for my home, car and other living expenses I work part-time as a IT-worker where I manage the IT infrastructure for a company. It is a very versatile job where I have a lot of responsibility as I am the main IT-worker. My tasks vary all from managing our servers to simple tasks such as building and installing desktop computers. I consider myself lucky to have such a great job where I can also come and go as I want, it's a perfect job to have while studying.
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Just an Aldi white bitch really.
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I am a full-stack web developer at a full service internet advertising agency. We do everything from designs and websites to complex web/mobile applications.
We also have our own CMS, which I am the head developer of.

I also volunteer at a non-profit organisation who help people with letters and forms from the authorities, and we give financial advise for those in need. I'm the IT guy there. Made their new website and maintain their computers, printers, phones and network.

In the weekends I used to be a barista at my father in law's coffee/gift shop. Unfortunately that closed recently cause of him switching profession.
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I work in sales selling AV products Smile

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