Schoolboy and Fady
Reported User(s): Schoolboy and Fady

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78361520 and ST

Date & Time (GMT): 23/5/20 @ 03:40 GMT

Summary of the incident
The rules are broken by two SRU:

1)Petrol as an SRU.
2)Insult me in OOC.
3)Arrest me for no reason.

I just drive to my base with a stolen car. The two SRU try to chase me and block my car for no reason. I just try to away from them but unfortunately, my lag makes me run over an SRU called Schoolboy. I just stopped the car and step out. Before I step out, the SRU called Fady to shoot me until my health goes to 1%. And I ask why?. He just arrests me for killing a person but the SRU who just I run over him is still alife as injured. And I try to help him but he handcuffed me. I say I can help him please unhandcuffed me and the schoolboy die and he says there is there are no paramedics shut up it wasn't lag. As a person, we cant use a CPR kit to help a person who injured?. I think only when a paramedic not online we cant use the CPR kit. Then, the SRU called Fady to arrest me. When I was in jail the guy who called Fady to insult me in OOC.They also petrol as an SRU.

(Sorry for any spelling mistake or grammar there.Hope you can read Smile)

didn't record anything but I have screenshot hope it's helpful to understand the situation.

Evidence for petrol as an SRU:

Evidence for insult me in OOC:

Evidence for arrest me for no reason:

More evidence:

The reasons for shooting you were entirely valid, hitting someone with your car allows for Government to open fire. Following new changes SWAT can now patrol under Presidents orders. The insult, yes was uncalled for but was very minor. Everything which occurred from the Government was valid seeing as you committed 2 crimes; 1 of which put someones life in danger.
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