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Good evening FearlessRP. This will be a long fucking post because I have a lot to say. Firstly, it should be important to note that I have been a part of FL for almost eight years now. I had joined FL in 2013 and I remember the moment I knew it was a community worth playing. I had joined with the name of TexturedZepplin or something and I recall the OG loading screen with the Big Bang Café instrumental playing. My 13 year old self was like, Holy shit, this is a cool song! Wow! Look at all these jobs!” Bla bla bla. I recall my first few friends too. Surgeon Scone and Rockdon. Rockdon’s brother, Ludo, used to be staff at some point I think. Anyways, after playing a few weeks I found myself joining FUMUKU, one of the two major clans at the time. Owned by BlackDog, a former admin, I found my first group of friends. I recall meeting Dr. Internet, Dubwub, Toxic, Moisty, and many others. Eventually, my prepubescent self wanted to make a name for myself. With the continuing rivalry between FUMUKU and the SAA, I intended to fix the relations between the two clans. While on this daunting quest I became friends with many people such as Spartanjunior, Doomdude, WorldWideCoffee, Grub, Enzyme, and a few others. I eventually left FUMUKU because it was lowkey fucked. I will remember the convoys of blue Hummers though. That was lit. I was also a squeaker so I was scared to speak in game. I downloaded a voice changer to communicate with the FUMUKU boys. Anyways after my leave, I applied for the SAA because I had become friends with the majority of their clan. I played different gamemodes with Grub and WorldWideCoffee and had a few laughs. I met Nacreas and other former staff members while my application was in the works and eventually I was asked to join them for an interview. I will never forget this. I was on Long Island, a 14 year old at like 8PM in the evening and I was like damn, I’m such a cool guy! I’m about to get interviewed by the SAA! Wow! Anyways, going up the V2D offices elevator with my good pal Enzyme was definitely scary, at least for me. The interview lasted for 30 minutes and at the end Grub slid a Deagle across the desk. I picked it up and pointed it at him, emphasizing my past loyalty to FUMUKU, their rival clan, and planned on sliding it back but before I could do anything Enzyme burst through the doors and kicked me out of the building. I was distraught. It was lowkey bullshit and what was even more bullshit was that every friend I had in the SAA pretty much ghosted me and stopped being friendly with me. After this I took a break. In early 2015 I rejoined FL and FUMUKU, meeting Sub-Zero and Equalizer, two oldies. At this point, through BlackDog, I met Faustie, a current SA and Vauld, both of whom I still keep in touch with. Not long after this first encounter with Faustie he was demoted from the team for the whole Ministry of Peace fiasco, which I think was the most interesting thing to happen to FL. I’ll get into that later. On the other hand, Vauld, known for his immersive RP events, and I became good friends. We hosted multiple events on FL and I think this was the point where I had most enjoyed the community. This affection soon dwindled to what it is today. I noticed an RP group made by Narcotic and KJ I think, it was basically serious military RP. I was into that so I definitely took a liking to them. Interestingly, my relationship with former SA Narc kinda evolved from there. At this time, the staff team was probably the best it could be. Faustie, probably one of my greatest friends on FL, and the majority of the staff were consistently good at their job, regardless of their clan biases. Grub never got along with me after that event. Either way, he seemed to be a good admin. Anywho, the teacher role soon came out and my intent to join it was immense. I was the first player to apply and get it, along with Safira, Kippsee, Tawee, and I think Tomo? I don’t even remember. This was fun, I hosted events weekly, giving out RPP and getting myself a sort of reputation, even more than I had before. But this quickly fell apart. Fultz, who I had been kinda friendly with, started Lombardi and I was intent to join them. This was also around the time that General Rickets, Pinky, Smex, Obay, Nighthawkd, Hitman, and others joined the servers. They soon became my good friends. I recall Obay wondering if I had been leaked information on his promotion to Mod as I guessed the exact day he was promoted. It was definitely a fun time. But while on the teacher team, my minginess began to grow. I liked fucking around and I wasn’t such an asslicker anymore. I was getting older and I was kind of embarrassed I was part of a fucking Garry’s Mod RP community. I also started hanging with friends more, drinking, and smoking. I was demoted from teacher at some point in 2015 before the split with another community. I think Ryan, Fultz’s brother, was initiating me into Lombardi and told me to go kill some random kid. I walked up to him with a shotgun and blasted him across villas, where Nacreas soon picked me up. On account of our friendship and my experience, he didn’t ban me, but I was demoted from teacher. Makes sense. During this time, the Ministry of Peace v. Estleback thing was going on. Previously, though, I had applied for EBC but was denied due to the fact that I had built some dupe with their name on it. I guess it makes sense but I was just fucking around and building shit. Was kind of childish to deny me an acceptance based on that. They seemed pretty chill though. I became friends with Floodify briefly, as well as MasterNoda, who I still talk to. Back to the MoP thing, which I actually think happened earlier: Faustie, KJ, and Eisenhorn, who had previously been in FUMUKU, had this OP clan named Ministry of Peace, which I drew inspiration for my clan, obviously. They abused their powers bla bla bla and were eventually demoted from their positions. But later, Faustie was repromoted. This all changed when LL split of from FL in late 2015. Considering most of my friends left for LL and I was offered teacher again, I joined LL. Soul even offered me moderator but I called him a [email protected] and defriended him. He was retarded anyway. After this, LL got consistently DDoS’d by someone from FL or some shit. Was pretty fucking gay. Flamewars occurred a lot, considering LL was most definitely better than FL at the time. Grub was an SA, which was probably one of the worst decisions ever. Nighthawkd and Hitman, who were two of my good friends, were promoted and they were okay I guess. Nighthawkd was pretty fucking toxic as I remember. This was the downfall of FL. Grub did his job, but was kinda fucking stupid. Don’t like that kid. Soul was still in command, promoting his internet girlfriend, TurtleWithMustache. That was pretty fucked. She was shit at it too. Pretty much all staff at this point was retarded and irrelevant. I wasn’t even part of FL at the time so I didn’t give a fuck. It gets blurry here, but I rejoined FL at some point, applying for teacher multiple times, but denied due to Grub’s grudge against be for the SAA shit that happened years before. I started flaming, making good points that were backed up by facts, but was consistently shut off because the staff pretty much did what they wanted. This is nothing compared to the staff now, who are in a circlejerk almost all the time. I’m friends with a few of them, but the majority of them are trash imho.
Soulripper – trash owner, ruined FL.
Divey – better owner, but needs to brush teeth
Conn – I recall that you fucked over FL with evocity radio, but you seem kinda cool.
Fultz – my boi from way back when, introduced me to kid cudi, keep in touch.
Tomo – go to hell.
Ducktard – not sure why youre an admin
Jan – Og pal, keep in touch
Jessixa – no opinion, need to work on ur English
Joe – why are you an admin
Kippo – good pal, cant wait to do ket with you with spring
Nyander – og boi, will invade u for ur oil
Redpanda – u have a cool voice
Sparx – gimp
Zecon – og boi, keep in touchy
Awestruck – Bogdan, ur kinda irrelevant at this point
Codknight – a man of false promises
Ended – idk who u r
Snowred – remember u from way back, no opinion
Bobby – I liked ruining your rps
Masternoda – chill guy
Midget – good rp, take things too seriously
Ryan – why the fuck are you a TA right now
Strange neo – idk who you are
Tawee – og teacher pal
Willem – thanks for the follow on insta
Rickets – miss u babe
Joshz – fuck off
Johnsilver – irrrlevant
Violet kittie – who are you, are you a man or a woman
Molyneux – had fun ruining ur rps, cool lad
Forge – I hate u
Pacman – og American, cool dude
Arny – weeb trash
Link66 – no opinion, sound guy tho
Siphon – cool guy
Yonno – honestly trash
Ranger – drug addict, cool guy
Eoin – pussy
Jackz – miss u
Falcao – name stealer
Vauld – miss u
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Appreciate the feedback! Cheers
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"Drug addict, cool guy" I think I'm about to cry. Thank you for your touching words Falcon, I'll miss you ;-;
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Was interesting to read that period from your perspective, always sad to see an old player leave.

Good luck.

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To be honest don't even know why Im admin tbh a bit poo if I say so myself
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Why are you leaving? Goodbye man.
wow ok

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It’s always a damn shame when an oldie leaves.

Take care Falcon, you’re a great guy!
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Man ur formatting is about as shit as your lombardi rank and valorant rank
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Thanks to Envy for the signature.
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