Renovation /repair RP
The Hospital has this  nice looking sculptures  around it's walls. 
But as corrosion and heat  from the sun are known to damage these in time, they needed to be renovated.
The old paint had to be removed and a new one plus protection layer was applied.

Beside that the hospital was in need of a red light  outside so that people can see that there is an emergency.

Near the hospital sign there were cables under ground that had to be replaced. These had damaged plastic outher layer, it has been dug up, and replaced.

A police officer was asked to  check this construction area on safety. He also checked the worker's papers and those were in order. Thank you  Miguel Sandchez (Bob)

[Image: Sx9wfls.png]
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Great to see some passive RP. Keep up the good work Altoria!
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About time someone fixed that, thanks.
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Please gentrify slums,

The Povvos need evicting.

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(05-20-2020, 11:13 PM)Forgee Wrote: Please gentrify slums,

The Povvos need evicting.

I will visit the slums and see what I can do. The Gold painted Slums perhaps.
I managed to see some of it! Great work!
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Faster than the local council, good stuff!
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