EBC News - 23/05/2020
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News - Saturday 23 May 2020

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Lucky 7 is Back from the Dead

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Another day, another revival. It seems May 2020 is the month of revivals, as many businesses and organisations have made their return. First it was the Estleback Corporation, and then it was Bones Appétit, and after that, it seems Lucky 7 Casinos has returned for another shot at the casino game.

Lucky 7 may have returned, however it is returning without Mr Deacon or Mr Shkreli. This time round Mr Norman Watts is calling the shots after the brand, its intellectual property, and facilities were acquired by Watts Holdings Limited from Global Collective Acquisitions on 10 May 2020. We reached out to Mr Watts for a statement about the deal and future plans, he replied with "buying off the Lucky 7 Casino Chain wasn't an easy decision, indeed it was a lot of paper work and pre-organisation involved". Additionally, he stated that "We're still in close contact with the previous owners and trying our best to bring back the Lucky 7 to where it used to be, it's a really difficult task, though our management is trying their absolute best to achive this goal".

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When asked about the plans Lucky 7 has for its future, Norman Watts stated that the plan is to "expand our Casinos and provide modern, unique and new gambling possibilities to the chain", and that to achieve this goal, the company would "try to bring the casino on the newest technical level with innovation and design to deliver the best service to our customers". That's not all though! As Lucky 7 has plans to deliver games the casinos haven't had yet, known as "Three Card Poker" and "Red Dog Poker", these games will "be implemented for a test period in which the players can try them and give back feedback to our management".

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So if you're feeling lucky (and sober), then head on down to the re-launched, re-branded, and re-developed Lucky 7 Casinos.

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Bones Crappétite 

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If there is one flaw EvoCity has, then it is the aristocratic vibe that certain members of the city's elite give off. Richard Bones is a prime example of this snobbish attitude. Last week saw the return of Bones Appétit, a return most citizens either did not know about or did not care about. On their website, Bones Appétit claim to offer the "most extravagant dining experience available in Evocity", and while this may be true, it is no excuse for the snobbery and contempt the brand has for ordinary people.

In a statement to EBC News, Mr Bones said "All meat served is from an animal that is near total extinction", which is a shocking thing to state. Richard Bones also commented "We shut down for a while but now that there's a large recession going on I felt as though it was the PERFECT time for a reopening", and finally stated that "this will really separate the rich from the poor and that is what, I, Richard Bones - am all about". 

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While Richard Bones is renowned for being extremely out-of-touch, these latest statements go beyond solidifying that stereotype. They make him out to be a self-serving, egocentric, and neurotic person - and rightfully so. While it is unknown what Mr Bones plans to do next, it's almost expected to be lavish, big, and pointlessly over-dramatised.

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This edition has been split into two 2 article parts because while the articles in this edition were more standard, the next two will be lengthy articles about a particular topic. We will return to our usual 3 article format starting Monday 25 May.

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Lewwings - Collecting and writing the articles
Watts Brothers - Making a statement on behalf of Lucky 7 and Lucky 7 promotional materials
Divey - Making a statement on behalf of Bones Appetit and Bones Appetit promotional materials

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"Making the facts known"

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