EBC News - 16/05/2020
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News - Saturday 16 May 2020

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The Luxury of Sabrina Tana

A few days ago, EBC News had the pleasure of interviewing Sabrina Tana, a local businesswomen who runs a local fashion shop at Nexus Store on Broadway. Tana had the idea for her business due to her love of fashion, and despite her lack of talent in making the outfits, she does have ideas "on how a person should wear it when it comes to clothing". It all began for Sabrina Tana shortly after College, as she worked part-time as a costume artist, where she picked out clothes for the actors and actresses of EvoCity. While working in this job, Sabrina saved up the money she was earning and eventually piled it together a few years ago to create her own business: Luxury.

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While Ms Tana does have some competition in the local area, such as Krissy or Pure Rich, she continues to strive on forward while considering them both "not a big deal". Meanwhile, on the advertising front, Luxury had the benefit of having an employee with the experience of being an editor in a magazine company. This employee was skilfully used to promote the emerging business via posters and a website, and with business still going strong, the business is looking forward to being able to invest in a billboard in the near future as well. 

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When asked about her success and what she attributes it to, Sabrina Tana replied with "be friendly and give a warm welcome, and know when to not be so judgy. To end on a high, her advice to those who were starting out in the world was a simple yet powerful "work hard and follow your passion". Wise words indeed, as Ms Tana and her fashion business shows no signs of slowing down in its success.

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Estle Back on Track

There are many important dates in the history of EvoCity, a city with such a rich and almost surreal history for such an isolated and timeless place. 3 May 2020 joins the list of important dates of EvoCity history, as that day marked the return of the greatest forces EvoCity has ever seen. The one, the only: the Estleback Corporation.

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That's right, Estleback is back on the streets of EvoCity for the third (technically fourth) time. With Steve Burwin returning to his post as Director, and Noah Grayson returning as his Deputy, it looked like Estleback would be returning just like it did the last time. However, Estleback has recently demonstrated that it has moved with the times a bit with it's latest incarnation. While the likes of Finn Conlon remain in the corporation's governance as its Director of Development, a new, fresh face also joins it, in the form of Jack Mondays, a former SFO, as Director of Management.

Furthermore, a "more relaxed atmosphere" is being promoted by the governance this time around, which is a major change in how Estleback is ran and perceived by the public. As a result of this, and the announcement that there will be less big and grand events lined up by Estleback, the corporation will be taking up actual security contracts, meaning it is likely we will see the major force now defending all businesses in the city, no matter how big or small. The biggest change, however, is the new announcement that there will be a delegation of tasks within the corporation, meaning Director Burwin will be sharing his powers with specific people.

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It is important to note that as of right now, Estleback Corporation has no resumed its operations in full capacity, and will not do so until the end of the month of May. Additionally, Estleback has returned as a result of the global threat posed by COVID-19, with a review taking place once the threat has subsided. 

If history can teach us anything, it is that Estleback is a mighty and powerful force for good to be reckoned with, and EvoCity will surely be watching in anticipation for more history in the making.

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Patrolling with a Sergeant

On the morning of 16 May 2020, Sergeant Miguel Sanchez of the ECPD agreed to show a journalist the morning procedures of the police in EvoCity. As he pulled away from the Nexus, Sergeant Sanchez explained that the toughest part of the job was dealing with the rebels and Corleones of the city, but that it is rewarding to arrest them when they break the law, as they are dangerous to society.

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As the police car turned left, to head out of the city through a tunnel towards the gas station, he explained that he wanted to become a police officer to "help keep the streets of EvoCity clean and safe". Not a lot occurred as the journey continued down Cliffside and towards the Villas; an infamous Corleone hotspot. Fortunately, there were no gunfights or hostage taking, but a civil event of simply moving an illegally parked vehicle on the side of the road. The exchange was brief but cordial.

Soon enough, Sergeant Sanchez hit the road once again, looking to keep law and order maintained, almost to a perfectionist standard. On returning to the Nexus, we bid Sergeant Sanchez well on the rest of his shift, before he continued on his way of upholding justice once again.

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Lewwings - Collecting and writing the articles
[FL] Jessixa - Luxury Interview (and RPP)
Bob - Sergeant Miguel Sanchez
Estleback Corporation - Use of logo and recent official photo

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"Making the facts known"

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