Hightower Construction
[Image: smPEUze.png][Image: WiZn1sn.png]
[Image: 2T44qZH.png]
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Looks great 
good job
[Image: Uu1MJwC.png]
There we go
Great builds, really like this. Excited to see more projects.
The level of building skill on Fearless only ever seems to go higher.
[Image: MZRod0q.png]
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This looks insane!

[Image: FWKL2b8.png]
I sense a bombardment of high quality dupes incoming
[Image: giphy.gif]
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Knew this company from LL more than happy to see it on FL very good builds!

You think thats cool? Dont we all rep me on the forums pls REP
Now this looks appetising.

I look forward to seeing what other projects you will add to your portfolio!
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