Tops Apartments
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Greetings everyone,

Today we had a roleplay at Midas Green. The Tops Apartments which gave people the ability to rent an apartment for free. The company had top class service and professionalism as their main goal. We managed to engage and welcome citizens to our brand new facility with a spectacular new of the city!

We had some competition with the Vance Tower during our time, however, we managed to fill up the entire building with happy citizens. 

Sadly we didn't pass the fire procedure examination ... 

Thanks to
Joshua, P1LL4N, KenanY, Peter White, Kippsee, professor7327 and Midget
 for getting involved in the roleplay

Spoiler :
[Image: 4GrsJ3d.jpg][Image: Dt9leq8.jpg][Image: fQZUhu8.jpg][Image: xwiCcVT.jpg][Image: i9Cx4Ku.jpg][Image: SGmtzMC.jpg][Image: hJ9RHDY.jpg][Image: ff6EQj0.jpg]
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ang on
Where am I?
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Amazing build, like it
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Give green to Tree
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fun rp would recommend Tounge
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Very nice place, had trash neighbours (P1LL4N) but apart from that it was great  Tounge Love Devil Eggplant
i'm so cool i make you drool Cool
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Below are examples of the infringing work:

Spoiler :
[Image: unknown.png][Image: 9TwaCOX.png]

[Image: source.gif]
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(05-13-2020, 04:16 PM)KenanY Wrote: Very nice place, had trash neighbours (P1LL4N) but apart from that it was great  [Image: tounge.png] [Image: love.png] [Image: devil.png] [Image: eggplant.png]

Don't be salty now ;-) 

OT: Very nice build Zona and good roleplay, Sorry for problems at the beginning<3

Fearless Donator
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Amazing build!!!Well done Smile
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