J&M Glass Hotel
We are very pleased to announce that the J&M Glass Hotel will be opening it's door at the Northview Lane in Evocity !

This 5 Stars hotel is extremely luxuries to the wealth & richest high class citizens 

The Hotel includes
- Lobby to check in & Out
- 4 Luxuries rooms for booking 
- Penthouse to the rich & famous
- Free Wi-Fi for all guests
- Breakfast in Bed 

Here are some screenshots of the Hotel


 [Image: 427239625B4E6A4F6FB225AA41282BF74D32BE9B]
[Image: 09A5F200873BE6ADA298C1D64E8A6DA67AC33A6E]
[Image: AB99ECF99980E4C67875B91EC8A953D46B7BF47B]
[Image: FBC215A48AF1975613124BBCF679B19DCA7F2113]

We hope to see you soon !
 richiebor helping me with the screenshot and being afk by standing still
Keaton For helping me with the screenshot 
Violet DE Kittie For helping me place the dupe of the Hotel on behalf of me
All builds are done by me 
[Image: Pics-Art-08-22-04-35-48.png]
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Looking very nice Smile
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It's probably the best looking hotel i've seen on FL :3
[Image: UE8GhmX.png]
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i look so good in this

but srsly yes luv u n this build
[Image: J4urmIo.jpg]
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