The Den Club
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This club was located at the Sinclair gas station, an abandoned gasstation that still was operational, but barely someone used it.
So we tried to bring life to this structure by making a small club inside it.
We had a bar, where you could get your drinks and alcohol and our dance room where our gorgeous Dj was playing her music.

(OOC) Fr respect to the song:
Spektre ft Juliet Fox - Thinking About You (Original Mix)

This video will show our screenshots and the kind of music we were playing.

Den Club - Manager: [FL:RP]Hostage
Den Club - DJ: Marve Fleksnes
Den Club - Bartender: Sp33dX
How was the crowd that evening?
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(01-29-2020, 10:23 AM)Midget Wrote: How was the crowd that evening?

We didn't have that many people visiting, but the ones that came  were having fun.
One guy was angry that we didn't sell alcohol to minors. Cheese

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