Vet Tag Guidelines
Vet Tag Guidelines

In this thread it displays the guidelines as to how Veteran Status is handed out and how someone might not be able to obtain them or why they may have their status revoked from them. Please note there is some leniency to this. E.g, if an admin is close to 2 months then they will can still receive their tags. Media Contributors are not currently eligible for Vet tags.

  • Any demotion apart from inactivity means that you cannot receive Veteran status.
  • Veterans that break server and or forum rules face the risk of their status being revoked.
  • If evidence is brought to light on a Veteran who has left the team, then they are still liable for their actions and can lose their Veteran status if it is deemed valid.
  • Veterans must have served 2 months in their full positions (Developer and Administrator) in order to receive their status, in order to prevent people waiting for their promotion just for the recognition and then leaving.
  • Veterans that publicly disagree with decisions made by the Team will not be at risk of losing their status because of this. However, unnecessary toxicity could get their status removed.
  • Staff members shouldn't be considered inactive during these first 2 months as full administrator. (Should be getting close to 30 hours every month)
  • We shouldn't revoke the status if their promotion was considered a 'pity promotion', we chose to promote them and the decision is sealed, which should not go back on our decision due to regret.
  • If the staff member resigned out of fear they were getting demoted due to several valid abuse cases then they will still be at risk from the decision of the Supervising Administrator(s).
  • Any admin who left and returned as TA per protocol will not be effected and will still receive their status if they choose to leave.
  • In the case of someone being demoted down to Trial Admin (or Moderator) then they will not receive Veteran status.
  • Updates made as Contributor may count towards Veteran status if you were promoted to Developer, depending on the size of each update.
  • Developers should have made a major update or multiple minor updates or tweaks to existing items that bring something new to our services.
  • If a Developer is to resign and then come back, only to resign again, then they will still receive their status as long as they have made a major update or multiple minor updates/tweaks in their first term.
  • A Developer should complete all announced projects and/or bug fixes shown in either the change log or News & Announcements. All unfinished projects should be handed over to the team upon resignation if applicable.
  • If a current or resigned Developer is found to have placed malicious code onto our services, they will be at risk of losing their rank along with a possible permanent suspension.
  • Developers must have contributed some of their own work to our services, they cannot simply add an add-on which requires no integration and call it a contribution to the service.
  • Leaving the team after releasing an update that is causing problems to our services due to a fault of your own and not assisting in resolving it may lead to you not receiving Veteran status.
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