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Hello there,

Railways, in General, have been a major hobby of mine since I was around 3 years old. It all began when I was going through the Attic with my Father when we came across his Model Railway from when he was young. I started to play with that and that is where the Hobby Araised.

Since then the interest has grown and I now work on Two Heritage Railways, The Swanage Railway As a Steam Cleaner. on the West Somerset Railway, I am a Ticket Inspector.

West Somerset Railway
Spoiler :
[Image: LoJtk4v.jpg]

[Image: 7YFn59L.jpg]

[Image: 6ucCCjd.png?1]

[Image: OhdCfDC.png?1]

Swanage Railway
Spoiler :
[Image: ErmDAnA.jpg]

[Image: QAPCzO7.jpg]

[Image: gk3skSU.jpg]

I highly Dought It, But  have you been to any of these Railways?

Model Railways
Spoiler :
[Image: ogrWfBY.png]
One of the layouts that I have constructed named Tottington Hall Estate Railway.

[Image: UEploeA.png]
The Largest Railway that I have worked one, named "The Summit"

Kind Regards,
Peter White

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An interesting hobby, with remarkable knowledge on it.

This is pretty riveting stuff, Peter! Smile
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Choo Choo
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Very interesting hobbies and the pictures are amazing.
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very cool peter!
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I've never seen something so wholesome in my life
Joe Joe
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corfe castle is banging mate
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peter white for sa

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I'm loving it dude! Choo Chhooo!
Kind Regards,
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