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Bobby Hill
Steam Name: Bobby Hill

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:79245098

BlacklistID(s): 105729

Blacklist Reason

Staff Member: e.g. Awestruck

Involved users

Why should you be unblacklisted?
This is a completley outlandish and disrepsectful blacklist that represents the worst in the history of this server, I am shocked to have discovered that the admin who did this holds a position of power on the server because when I explained this to my loving wife she was shocked also.

I simply pressed the left click of my mouse a couple times with the default physgun and was plastered with this shameful blacklist that stunned me. I was neither warned or sent away but simply tossed aside like the mud on the shoe of Awestruck and frozen solid. As I gasped for air, the screen flashed with the words "(!) (STAFF): [FL] Awestruck took 'p' access (Physgun) from Bobby Hill for 1 hour and 0
minute for reason
(!) (STAFF): 'Laserpointing'."

I take building very seriously and this effects the ability to build freely without a detrimental restriction like the one that was forced upon me. Especially since the effectiveness of the staff team has declined significantly with many administrators and other staff simply refusing to take serious admin calls.
First I told Jambo to stop Laserpointing, 2 times.
When I took him down the final time, to blacklist him, yourself and Aaron began laserpointing. I then issued you both a warning, before going back to blacklist Jambo, you did it a second time, I froze you and then blacklisted all 3 of you.

Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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