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Afamefuna 'Biggie' Ntole
Afamefuna 'Biggie' Ntole

A Biography

Early Life
Afamefuna Ntole was born and raised in Yola, a town in eastern Nigeria. From a young age he was brought up on strict Christian beliefs, greatly cemented into his head throughout his life. He went to Yola Secondary And Primary School, were he excelled in foreign languages, obtaining the highest possible mark in English Language. Despite his knack for languages he grew up finding school extremely hard with the stress of his home life and lack of help from the packed school he went to caused him to fail in almost half his subjects. Leaving Secondary school with minimal educational achievement, he found himself lost. Hating home. Struggling with his sexuality in a extremely homophobic society. Lost. No Work. His life seemed doomed. He decided Yola wasn't going to get him anywhere in life, so with his little money he had in his wallet, he took a bus to Lagos in hopes of finding something, anything to better his life.

After a long, and nearly fatal trip that lasted 2 weeks. He was there. Lagos a growing potential city in South Western Nigeria. With a good knowledge of the English language he found a job reasonably quickly at a BT call centre, the salary there was small, fraudulent if you would but soon he had more money than ever before. With this new found cash he moved out of a small one bedroom apartment and into a large bungalow on the outskirts of the thriving city. Soon after he quit his job and set up a small business selling authentic Nigerian Bracelets to dazed Americans who had know idea what they were buying. Whilst entrepreneuring, on the side, Afamefuna was still struggling with his sexuality, eventually realising he was gay. This was a big turning point for Afamefuna as although not being able to share his secret it felt good to finally come out to himself and understand what he was feeling. Not late after he was  found partying in underground gay clubs, rebelling against the oppressive sexuality laws of Nigeria, he felt alive for once and with a stable income coming in from work things were looking up in his life.

Unfortunately with all things looking bright, darkness looms. His scamming business was found and along with that so was his sexuality. He was found and tried for being gay (which is punishable by death) Afamefuna spent 30 days in jail whilst his trial raged on, nothing was looking good for him. He was threatened, beaten and tortured. However despite these dark days he was saved, almost by magic by the American government. Whilst his trail had taken place, America was filing an extradition on Afamefuna to be tried for mass scamming in the USA. Not wanting to cause trouble with an opposing nation, the Nigerian Government decided to allow the extradition of Mr. Ntole, who even though was found guilty of scamming in America served 12 years and was free. Given American citizenship Afamefuna saw this as a blessing, he was out of prison at the age of 36, after being released from prison in California State Prison, California. He made contact with his parents, who had disowned him after finding out he was gay, once he contacted his parents he accessed his bank account and with the little money he had left he moved to Evocity in search of asylum. Since 2018 he has lived at the Evo - Apartments.

Pictures from 1982 to 2018:
Afamefuna at a family gathering (aged 9)

Spoiler :
[Image: Afamefuna_picture_1.jpg]
Afamefuna at his summer sporting academy (with friends) (Afamefuna in the middle) (aged 16)
Spoiler :
[Image: afamfuna_2.jpg]
Afamefuna going to his job at BT (aged 23)
Spoiler :
[Image: afamefuna_3.webp]

His Career
Afamefuna worked in many small time jobs throughout his time in Nigeria, although it was not till he left his homeland that his business ventures took off. Once out of prison, a free man and surprisingly an American citizen, he moved to to Evo - City (his current residence) and now calls it his safe haven for him and his work, he is now a writer that publishes books on the gay rights movement in Nigeria. In 2018 after being released from prison he was nominated for a Nobel peace prize and although loosing it to a dear friend Denis Mukwege Mukengere. He is now determined to work as a peace activist, he wishes his story of abuse and hate he received for understanding he sexuality and what he will do to prevent this from happening ever again should inspire the masses to help countries who still hold the ideology of a homophobic society so close to them. His career wherever it may take it is young, but blooming.

Personal Life


Mr. Notle has had a very confusing life behind the scenes. Since 2004 Afamefuna has been a openly gay man, however he has been exploring his sexuality since 1997 (when he was 15), since coming out he has been in one long term relationship with Callum Westfield, a wealthy investor from Indianapolis. They are still currently together with the idea of adoption on the horizon! Due to his decade behind bars, his life both in and out of relationships have been stalled. However now that he out of prison he has openly confirmed that he wishes to move on with his life and blossom in Evocity in everything he does.

Unfortunately due to Afamefunas recent arrival to Evocity this biography is currently brief. It will become more detailed and more will be added to his early and personal life shortly as his time in Evocity progresses. Mr. Notle himself wishes to write in the biography and detail about his books and its content, which includes personal accounts from prison in America as well as Nigerian jail and more stories about his time in Lagos and Yola.
Kind Regards,
Fearless Donator
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(07-11-2019, 08:36 PM)Grizzly Wrote: Snip

That's a really great and detailed character good work! I also love how detailed it is with the font the size everything!
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Absolutely a great character thread, I love it, nice work Grizzly! Smile
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Wow very good character love the information everything is on point well done.


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