NEW: back to my roots ;)

do check it out, one of the most chill-out and go smoke type raps ive done
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I actually quite liked that
Nil Satis Nisi Optimum
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That was pretty good ngl
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proud of u bro
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really like the beat. good stuff man
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forum marrid to girllikr nd spank2014
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Liking it man! I'm not an expert but I don't think the beat matches your lyrics, they're aggresive as hell, give us an aggresive and dangerous type of beat!

You are talented and just have to keep doing what you do, with a lil' practise you'll get there!
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holy shit this is good!
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Hot damn!
Kind Regards,
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thank you everyone, i'm working on an album currently as i write and find beats for like 2 or more good lyrical tracks every single day, but i cant be releasing that many songs every frickin day so, an album is on its way. (will most likely be on spotify, youtube & soundcloud.)
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Do some metal music
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