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Steam Name: Tom

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:142829505

BanID: 81706

Ban Reason

Staff Member: ghost

Involved users
Me and the Kid

Why should you be unbanned?
So this lil kiddie comes up to me drags me in the air, look oi wut u doing. I said just killing a fool.

He then gave me a 5-month ban. I was browsing the Forums and Saw that another person got 24 hours for worse than what I did, Kill wise in the RDM and got 24 hours. I think that's rawcus

Although your appeal has been denied, I would advise reading the rules here.
On this note, consider engaging more with the community and joining our social media groups on Steam and our Discord!
Follow our unban appeal rules found here to find when/if you can post another unban appeal.
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