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[Unofficial] Kngaok
In Character

- Name: Mr.Bergs
- Background: Hello, i come from a low background, but i've turned my life around by coming to the city and learning security and business. I've managed to climb high and become quite a known person in this city because of my business and security knowledge.
In my earlier days i was also sent to millitary. i was in millitary for 10 years before i got away from it, have had situations which are stressful and very tiring, but it has teached me discipline, correctness and loyalty which i find are very important in life.
- Age: 53
- Interested Role: Security
- Reason for interest in Role: Choosing this role cause of my millitary and security background.
- Closing notes (optional): - 

Out of Character

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:35972236
- Steam Name: [FL:RP] Chumps
- Age: 20
- Microphone (yes/no): Yes
- Hours: 2100+
- RPP: 11
- Donator (yes/no): Yes
- Bans: 2 one removed before expired and second one a really really long time ago.
[Image: 2jmbT9C.gif]
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  • Janzo 火
(03-10-2019, 10:20 AM)Chumps Wrote: Application.

Greetings Mr. Bergs,

Thank you for applying to Kngaok,
your application is now under review.

You will be contacted later for progression on
the application process and a meeting with the Company.

[Image: 95fX5Az.png]
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  • Chumps
Looks promising!
[Image: mZh9BKs.png]
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In Character
- Name: Mr. John Wick
- Background: Hello I have a huge background in sales and the stock market And I work at Tops Casino as there host There I have built up strong freind ships with the people of Evo city over the years and abroad.
- Age: 35
- Interested Role: Domestic Employee
- Reason for interest in Role: I am very good with talking to people and I have built up many good and useful relationships over my time working. Also I am very good at selling things as I have amounted millions doing so.
- Closing notes (optional): -
Out of Character
- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:228716084
- Steam Name: Nicholasas
- Age: 13
- Microphone (yes/no): Yes
- Hours: 838
- RPP: 1
- Donator (yes/no): Yes
- Bans: 3
[Image: jFX7iLe.png]
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  • Janzo 火
Some more background information and general information on your clan in the OP would really improve the look of your clan as a whole.

I have read your thread and still don't know any background or just much information on you as a whole.
[Image: lRgWmRx.png]
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  • Janzo 火, Nick

I'd like to inform that our applicant
"Mr. Bergs" had been accepted and
will join the security initiative.
We are glad to have him
within our ranks.

Furthermore, a meeting was conducted
and improvements to the office, site and
initiatives will be made shortly.

Spoiler: Meeting
[Image: mHhEP4S.jpg][Image: P3F6PlB.jpg]

In addition, we had a quick talk with
the president.

Spoiler :

[Image: JSJPkDh.jpg]

To add, our offices were host to a media
interview of Miss Madeleine Gerin Lajoie.

Spoiler :
[Image: BUzljUY.jpg]

Lastly, I'd like to give credits to our great hispanic cleaner
"Mucho Mucho"

Spoiler :
[Image: HALlYdn.jpg]

[Image: 95fX5Az.png]
Ps these spoiler are gunna be the end of me, help.
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In Character

- Name: Harry Falcon
- Background: Born in Britain however his family moved to Paris for his fathers upcoming business (his hotel franchise), once Harry finished school he attended the University of Cambridge studying English Literature and Psychology. After he finished his degree he moved to Pines City to make a name for himself there before finally moving to Evocity for a change of scenery and a new atmosphere.
- Age: 24
- Interested Role: Research Agent
- Reason for interest in Role: I am interested in this role as I feel I would be a good fit due to me being interested in humanity. Also as this is a new company to Evocity I would like to help from the beginning ensuring Kngaok is a extremely known name in future Evocity. Kngaok could be the future of Evocity and I would like to help to make this dream reality.
- Closing notes (optional): -

Out of Character

- Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:127179694
- Steam Name: [FL:RP] Ryan
- Age: 14
- Microphone (yes/no): Yes
- Hours: 1970
- RPP: 6
- Donator (yes/no): Yes
- Bans: 4
Fearless Donator
[Image: tYKyA9qw_o.png]

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  • Janzo 火

Just to notify that Mr. Falcon's and Mr. Wick's
applications are now under review.
Please be on the lookout for a response for
a meeting with the company.

[Image: 95fX5Az.png]
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  • Goat
[Image: jFX7iLe.png]
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  • Janzo 火

I would like to congratulate Mr. Falcon and Mr. Wick
for their applications and that they have been reviewed
and accepted by the company. You will still have
a meeting with the company in the future for developing
relations and future plans.

If you contact me on discord and when im IG
you will recieve access to the Discord and be
added to the clan.

[Image: 95fX5Az.png]
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:81986316&b=12]
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