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Steam Name: Beunkieboy

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:75548000

BlacklistID(s): 104307

Blacklist Reason
BRA (91920) - Ramming cars (FailRP)

Staff Member: Sentinel

Involved users

Why should you be unblacklisted?
I believe the duration of the blacklist is inappropriate for the offense that I committed.

First off, I did not get the chance to defend myself on this PR. The PR was posted at 12;30 AM and approved the next morning at 8;30 AM by Sentinel, like many other people I was sleeping at this time.

While approving this PR the trial admin also showed clear bias against me, accusing me of committing the same offenses when the admins are not online. In my opinion this is simply false, he was obviously not there, and there is no proof for these claims as far as I know. As these are just random claims, without any evidence to back it up, I don't believe (trial) admins should use it in order to decide my sentence for another offense.

(02-22-2019, 07:29 AM)Sentinel Wrote: Approved. Beunkieboy always does this when admins are never on, he should know how todrive and not to just ram cars out the way for his pleasure. a blacklist will do.

Now for the content of the PR;
Video 1; dot com/watch?v=N8c5yIm7Gso

I admit, my reaction by ramming the vehicle was out of proportion and I should not have done so. I was simply pissed at the time, that a police officer rammed into my truck full speed while I was just normally driving in my lane. This officer actually showed very unrealistic behavior by going full speed into a blind corner, while cutting off the corner and driving on the opposite lane.

I reacted by following the police officer to his traffic stop, then he talked big to me, so I decided to ram his vehicle. Like I said I admit this and should not have done so.

Video 2; dot com/watch?v=qGwY64OEadk
Let's start by pointing out there is no evidence in this video whatsoever I was driving that truck, or that it even was my truck. The trial-admin just assumed so, and did not even give me the chance to deny it or admit to it. I had to make my case after the PR was already 'Approved' by the trial-admin, luckily he wasn't able to move the thread yet.

Now for my IG actions, TheRealSparks is saying he is responding to another call. At the time I did not think that was the case, as I was already being pursued by another black police suburban, hence why I was driving so fast. When he tried to overtake me, I assumed he was gonna get infront of me and maybe brakecheck me, or put a spikestrip down. So I decided to swerve onto the left lane in order to keep him behind me, I did not intend to ram him off the road into the trees. This was unfortunately the case and I regret it going down this way. However this was not my intention as implied by TheRealSparks.

I do understand that this chain of events made TheRealSparks post the PR, I don't mind that. I only mind the handling of the PR by Sentinel, who made a decision based on unfounded claims of me continually acting like this when the admins are not online, which is false. And for not giving me the opportunity to defend myself, to which I think was entitled. As there was a lack of evidence for the second video.

Sentinel decided to give me a 6hrs vehicle blacklist, for one proven offense, in which I rammed a vehicle out of the way, once. The other video was inconclusive. He showed clear bias in his judgement by making a decision of handing out a long punishment, that is based on unfounded claims. I would have had no problem with a 2 hour blacklist, which I think is normal for these offenses.

In my eyes, the punishment was justified. You have been seen doing this previously. You had 8 hours to justify why you acting in this manner, during this time you did not respond. Since joining the community, you have received 30 blacklists. I think it's about time a hefty one is given for you to learn your lesson. There was no justifiable answer to why you acting this way towards me as a Police Officer. Not to mention, you were a Cheufurr. Why did you act this way towards police?
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Thanks for this blacklist request but you come on the server when no admins are on and just minge. you have 500+  Hours you well know that you shouldn't ram cars because its fun to and thats why i blacklisted you. ive once caught you creating a ramp to get your car on a roof. you know what you did was wrong and you were punished.
Approved per Rule 6 - no request given by a staff member
Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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