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Your Name: [FL:RP]JohnSilver

Accused Staff Member: Huskii

Involved users

Date & Time (GMT): 19/02/2019 @ 6:25 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power,Infringement of the rules

Explanation and Evidence

I walked to connectivity road and saw a mechanic noclip to remove a burning car so i checked the tab menu to see that the only mechanic online was Huskii.

I then saw in the second video Huskii driving past me just a very short time after he removed his burning car in the industrial tunnel.

It seems as if Huskii crashed his car, noclipped to remove it and then replaced it in another area of the map (that being the industrial) to once again be able to drive around.

He has one death on the scoreboard as well just to note, extremely likely this is from the crash.

Evaluating the situation overall, it seems to me as if Huskii noclipped to remove his car, completely avoiding his own NLR and abusing his admin powers to be able to get his car back under the NLR timer and in an illegitimate way.

This is certainly abuse of his powers given to him to moderate the servers.

First part :
Second part :
[Image: yImhtnY.png]
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Yeah, do apologise for this. Was simply quickly having a mess around with the new cars to see what they were like - Not to excuse the abuse by any means, just an explanation.
[Image: KL3qjvw.png]

Huskii is no longer in the team. If he were, we would have had a chat with him advising him against doing what he did.

Case closed.
[Image: W94NL7B.jpg]

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