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Discord Unban Request
Steam Name: PDot

SteamID: Pedz#0069

BanID: N/A

Ban Reason
Unnecessary use of @user

Staff Member: Narcotic

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
I just came back from a night out and i was piss drunk so wen i was checking my discord notifications i saw the fearless discord and decidd to check it out. i saw the roleplay channel and drunk me thought it was for roleplaying in. so i used loads of /me's and @'s to roleplay myself mugging and killing frost. its been ages since i got nerfed (2 and a half weeks) so i was wondering if u can un nerf me cos it seems way too harsh for a bit of drunken stupidness that didnt really effect anyone. all it did was ping frost and narcotic a few times.

Lil' bump with PDot's consent.

I demand justice for this poor soul, he's been nerfed for nearly a month over something so minor & completely harmless.

Whilst we're at it, perhaps it might be time to look into having some sort of actual notification system where you can set it up so that a certain user should be nerfed for say 2 weeks, once those 2 weeks have passed you get a notification and thus unnerf said user.
I'll be moving that topic towards an actual suggestion thread however.
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You've been nerfed long enough.

Also Agorith warned for not being involved.


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