Your Name: whoob

Accused Staff Member: Divey

Involved users
Me, Divey, anyone it may of affected by shielding a cyber terrorist.

Date & Time (GMT): 21/1/19 @ 1:18 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
Denying a player report in an attempt to 'sweep under the rug' a ToS violation, stating my report was a DUPLICATE report even though my thread was the first to appear, and had more evidence than the thread posted after mine.

Thread that was denied for 'duplicate'.
[Image: G8fP9cC.png]
[Image: l3cyXDi.png]

Thread that was posted after mine and left up.
[Image: Y0Pvg7D.png]

This appears to be the fastest PR ever closed, blatant disregard to timestamps and which appears first in the list of threads, obviously a staff member couldn't have missed something so obvious.

Attempting to pass up evidence like this, (someone talking about DDoSing users and having their IP), is detrimental to the longevity and health of the server, especially when you're attempting to quiet me in order to shield a person threatening other users with a federal crimes.
Hey Kira,

This was a duplicate report as Wolven had already reported the issue here: https://www.fearlessrp.net/showthread.php?tid=91526

Sorry for any confusion caused, but the staff team are dealing with this report as soon as we can.

Awaiting review from Supervising Administrator.
You were posting for the 'victim' when the 'victim' had already posted - I would suggest fighting your own battles. I closed it as it's coming from someone who was affected first hand.
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
Regardless of which report was posted first, the case did not need two reports open about the same case. Since the other report had the same evidence and had a bit more detail too, I imagine Divey deemed that one the best report to keep open. The case is still being acknowledged but just in the other report.

No abuse noted.
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