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Steam Name: Lewwings

SteamID: Not needed (Discord)

BlacklistID(s): Was on Discord

Blacklist Reason

Staff Member: Divey

Involved users

Why should you be unblacklisted? I used the term "Niggard" which means to be "an excessively parsimonious, miserly, or stingy person.". I used that term as I jokingly considered Ghost to fall under that terminology. I initially said "Get in niggard", before realizing how that could be mis-interpreted, so I changed it to "Get in you niggard", hoping it would clear things up. To my surprise, I'm nerfed for "Racism", when it's not, and because I "edited the message".

Honestly, I broke no rules and see this as an incorrect punishment because "Niggard" isn't a racist term, it's just a negative noun.
Requesting closure on the grounds that it has expired and been lifted. Thank you.
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