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Vadim nlr and rdm
Name of player: Vadim

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:105595511

Time in GMT: 4pm or so

Server: main

Summary: my friend runs him over on accident and then he comes back as a Corleone and revenge kills my friend.

[Image: 3SGm.gif]
Ahaha i would recommend you admins to check the logs, so you can actually see who really RDMed, cause this little team kept on RDM me when i spawn, this happened like 5 times
And this is not a good pr because "4 pm or so" doesnt indicate anything, and as you can see that was not "accident" that was CDM on porpuse
And he tried to do it again thats why i killed him
(12-06-2018, 07:37 PM)ZMonKey Wrote: And he tried to do it again thats why i killed him

First of all, if they check the logs, they will see that I didn't kill you a single time. In fact, I tried to make them stop. I don't know if he ran you over on accident or not, you still broke NLR and killed him for no reason. Have fun x
[Image: 3SGm.gif]
The only time I killed you was when I mugged you and you first stated that we were in a public area (We were in the villas), then you said that you can decide if you can give me money or not in a mug, so I killed you because you were just so annoying.
[Image: 3SGm.gif]

Insufficient evidence provided and I'm afraid logs of this occasion are no longer available due to how long ago it was. The lack of logs is due to our own negligence of this report which I sincerely apologise for, but I'm afraid your video alone does not prove that he had no reason to be attacking your friend.


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