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UBR: Puggy
Your name: Puggy

Your blacklist ID: 103228

Steam ID: [b]STEAM_0:1:189200060[/b]

Reason: Prop-pushing several players, causing immense players.

Staff member who blacklisted you: [FL] Zecon

Reason why you should be unblacklisted: I should be unblacklisted because im very sorry for Prop Pushing i will not do it again i was very angry on that day but i know i shouldnt of done that so please can you give me a chance i will not abuse my tools again

Many thanks Puggy
Hello Puggy.

I’m aware you were extremely frustrated at the time, but you still knowingly broke the rules. The blacklist is only active for a few hours playtime which I think is reasonable, and since the UBLR rules state that you should not create a request if you knowingly broke the rules, I am afraid I shall have to deny this.
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