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( Interview ) The Breakthrough Of Madeleine Lajoie

On 4th November , We invite Supermodel & Socialite , Madeleine Lajoie to our studio for an interview

Brittney Storm: Hello Ms Lajoie , thank you for taking your time with us off your busy schedule to this interview .

Madeleine Lajoie: * Giggles lightly* No , thank you ! It's a pleasure to be here .

Brittney Storm: So Madeleine , congratz on winning the Model of 2018 award at the Emmy , how does it feel to be nominated and win the award ?

Madeleine Lajoie: Well it's an incredible honour , something I really never would have expected . I'm just so thankful to all my fans for joining me on this journey , without them , I'd be nothing .

Brittney Storm: Amazing ! We are happy and very surprise that you beat Lindsey Stafford & Semichi Aquino on the award with a total of 3,989 votes on the Model of 2018 award . Were you nervous when accepting it ?

Madeleine Lajoie: Isn't it just insane ? Both Lindsey & Semichi are close friends of mine so we actually got together after the ceremony for a few after party drinks so I knew there wasn't going to be any bad blood between us ! .
I think I was more in shock than nervous , I hadn't prepared anything because I genuinely just didn't think I was going to win .

Brittney Storm: We are happy and very surprise that you won the award . So Krissy Blake , who is a close friend and also someone who worked with you for years , won two awards , Magazine Cover of 2018 & Social Of The Year , are you happy that she won two award on that day ?

Madeleine Lajoie: Krissy's the sweetest , she deserve the world and more . I was so proud of her , finally getting her moment . You know , she isn't really recognised in the world as much as she deserves ? It's all the big faces talking big ( shit ) - If you don't have something bitchy to say , you tend to get left behind .

I think it's a shame that the media tries to pit everyone against each other , it's the only reason people like Richard Bones have a career 

Brittney Storm: I see and completely agree with you , so Madeleine , what do you think about the Emmy Performance ?

Madeleine Lajoie: What a show ! Right ???
I mean I loved every second . The performer who sung that overdose Ballad
I don't remember her name but she was GREAT !
And of course , Jessica Summer with some of her biggest hits , was brilliant to see her in action again !

Brittney Storm: Is it Mia James if you're referring to Ms Lajoie ?

Madeleine Lajoie: I - I think so …. I don't know her but maybe ???

Brittney Storm: So let's move on to our next question . How did you get to the top of your career Madeleine ? To be super successful and have million of fans and build a fan base , how did you become so successful and took over the world with your beauty ?

Madeleine Lajoie: FUCK ! I wish I Knew !

It really is all so insane to me , I never expected to get anywhere near this far in my career !
I mean , the first shoot I ever did was actually just out of luck .
I was shopping at Gucci in London and this terribly thin , tall & almost deathly pale woman came up to me .

She pulled out a tape measure and started taking my measurements , I had no clue what was going on !

Anyway , next minute , she takes out one of those awful flip phones ( Those very popular one back in 2000 before iPhone came out ) and she's calling Evogue !

And all the while I was just standing there wondering whether I should leave 
because this definitely doesn't feel normal . 

She looks down into my eyes and for a minute , I think all hope is lost . 
And then she said to me in this crazy thick American accent " You're brighter than the rest , there's something about you , You are going to be big ! "

And from then on , I just had all this incredible luck at shoots , it's sounds fairytale esque honestly , it's all just utterly mental but I love it  !

Brittney Storm: That's very insane and you must be scared when it happen right ?

Madeleine Lajoie: Oh absolutely , but also super excited , once she said those words , I knew I was in for a rollercoaster .
It's sad actually , she died very recently...

Brittney Storm: My gosh , i'm very sorry to hear that … we hope she is somewhere peaceful .
Now my next question is , Last year , you won Miss Evocity 2017  . How does it feel to take part in such big event and battling with other ladies to win that crown ?

Madeleine Lajoie: *Chuckles nervously* ummmmm…. It's stressful..*Chuckles again*
Yeah I mean , what can I say ? It's an incredible experience and I would encourage everyone of you who doesn't feel like they have a talent but would love to become a model to just throw yourself in there !

But just remember , anything worth having requires sacrifice .

Brittney Storm: *Nod* I do agree with you Madeleine , now our next question is Munger . Its been trending since the advert was release , with many billboard of different celebrities such as Joe Skhreil , Joseph Deacon , Semichi Aquino , Krissy Blake . What is it actually and when will Munger be release to the public ?

Madeleine Lajoie:  So Munger is this incredible collaboration of likeminded individuals all working towards a common goal . 
I can't say too much more but it's in the category of fashion .
I'd call it a fusion between changing the world and changing the industry .

Brittney Storm: Are you planning to surprise us when Munger release Madeleine ?

Madeleine Lajoie: *Wink* Keep an eye on our socials , @MadGLajoie on Instagram #shamelesselfpromo

Brittney Storm: So last question , Do you have any advices for your millon of fans out there who looked up to you ?

Madeleine Lajoie: Well , there's ton of stuff I would love to say to my fans .

Firstly , I love you all so much ! I'm ever grateful of everything you have done and continue to do for me .
Secondly , I want you all to take a second to think about what you're doing in life and whether you enjoy it .
We only have one life and it's only ever right to make the most of it . 
You can go into the ground at the end of it , full of regret for all the things you did do
But I can promise you , you'll go into the ground even fuller for all that you didn't . 

Brittney Storm: That's very inspiring words you got , amazing , inspired and talented ! 
Thank you Madeleine for taking your time to do this interview . 
You have always inspire many people to become themselves and taught us new things in life 
So thank you Ms Lajoie !

Madeleine Lajoie: it's been marvellous , thanks again !


Brittney Storm - @"Jessixa" 
Madeleine Lajoie - @"Sparx" 

Thanks to sparx for taking his time to do this interview .
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Great interview!
[Image: 2D3jDlq.png]
I can't believe Madeleine is back, been so long since we've heard from her!

I, Shlomo Goldberg, have missed Madeleine dearly and have been reminiscing to that vacation we had in the Alps back in 2003.
Signed, Totalbiscuitfan99.

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He who does not cream inside shall forever be destined to a life of solitude.

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