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Corruption to its greatest.
Username: Dimitris

Accused Staff Member: [FL]Eeee394 [FL]Tomo [FL]Sparx

Involved Users: Me and the accused staff members.

Time/Date/Time Zone: Not sure not needed that much either.

Abuse of Power or Rule Infringement: Eeee394 abused his powers by falsy denying my UBR and lied in the courthouse. Tomo additionally lied about rules of the courthouse and made up excuses to keep me from getting unbanned.

Evidence and Explanation:


Almost a month ago I decided to make an un-ban request, attempting to explain my self and try getting unbanned. Narcotic showing once again his amazing ability to take decisions after making me wait for a few days went on and denied my UBR giving me no second chance to reply although I even asked for it.

After seeing my UBR I thought of contacting a SA as I saw no reason for my UBR being rushed that much. So I went on and contacted Tomo. After having a chat with Tomo and explaining why I thought it should be re-opened he agreed with me and asked Narcotic to re-open my unban request. However, as it can be seen neither before or after the re-opening of my unban requested there were no questions asked or any further information requested.
Spoiler :
[Image: nvtigax.png]
So following rule 6 of the courthouse I didn't reply on the unban request as there was simply nothing to respond to. After the 10 days timer expired I asked Tomo to accept my UBR as per rule 6c. Although at first Tomo mentioned that rule 6 DID COUNT and that they were waiting for further information by me
Spoiler :
[Image: 0ssZJwz.png]

after my explanation as to why it should be accepted and my valid points of proving that there was nowhere any information requested by Narcotic, he proceeded to say that the rule for some reason gets overpowered.
Spoiler :
[Image: TMgst4Y.png]
Tomo has shown clear signs of being biased and even kind of admits to it saying this
Spoiler :
[Image: yV4qtP5.png]
Tomo not wanting to be known as the SA that lets UBR's get accepted by rule 6c made biased decisions. Both him and Eeee394 kept accusing me of loopholing while I was just going along the rules set by Soulripper for ALL of us to follow and they were doing the opposite.

So the next day I tried contacting Eeee394 to get his point of view(keep this in mind the previous night Tomo told me he would contact the 2 other SA's to get a comment on the situation) so when I contacted Eee I didn't get into every single detail as I knew he was well aware of the situation. So Eeee pretty much said the same stuff with Tomo there main point was " You asked me to re-open it" yes I did request the staff members to re-open my unban request because it was rushed by Narcotic, that doesn't change the fact tho that they had to come up with questions or ask for further information. After a small chat with Eeee, he went on and denied my UBR saying this
Spoiler :
[Image: HWIROBq.png]

which is pure lying as there were 0 questions asked on Narcotics reply.
After confronting him about it he started getting very defensive, Eee then pretty much admitted into breaking rule 6c by saying the following
Spoiler :
[Image: lxY4u45.png]
Let's say that they were right and that they were waiting for information by me they still shouldn't have denied the UBR just yet as I had 2 more days as stated by Tomo. So when I thanked Eee for his honesty he threatened of blocking me when I said the following

Spoiler :
[Image: 7Kg53S1.png]
he then proceeded to block me.

To conclude both SA's have acted very biased and immaturely regarding my situation, Tomo admitted himself that rule 6 did apply and then changed it up so he could keep me banned, Eeee394 could not handle having an adults conversation and had to block me and generally act immaturely. I don't see how this kind of behaviour fits the SA team.

Edit: I've added Sparx to this AA since Tomo made a chat DM with all 4 of us Sparx became fully aware of the situation and agreed to the biased decision that was taken to keep me banned. So I feel since he didn't do anything about it he is as guilty as the 2 other SA's.

Kind Regards,

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This AA has been collecting dust for over 3 months now.
Kind Regards,

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This is so ridiculous. There has been no response from the accused staff members neither has it been concluded, in over 5 months now.
Kind Regards,

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Hello Dimitris,

Apologies for the extended period of time that this AA has collected dust, but is understandable considering you posted it on all 3 SAs at the time. Therefore, no-one but SoulRipper could have handled it. I've collated all evidence you've provided here, and evidence provided by Tomo.

What I understand is that Narcotic denied your UBR quite quickly, which you thought was unfair. In turn, you went to Tomo to make a complaint. Out of good-will, Tomo decided to have your Unban Request re-opened by Narcotic. You told Tomo you wanted to be able to reply to the UBR and you were granted it. From the questions you asked him, it was clear you were trying to loop-hole the system by saying that no admin had requested further information from you. Instead, you argued with Tomo saying that Narcotic didn't request any information from you. Of course he didn't, he denied it originally and you made it clear you were going to make a response.

It was never a case of bias as you were incredibly lucky to have even had it re-opened in the first place.

Therefore, I fail to see any sort of Admin Abuse here.

- Narcotic denied your UBR.
- You wanted to respond, so asked Tomo to re-open your UBR.
- Tomo gets Narcotic to re-open your UBR.
- You fail to respond and then call Rule 6 in your favour.
- Tomo, and the other SAs deny your call because of the special circumstance.
Kind Regards,
Developer x Supervising Administrator

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