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HOWTO: Make a Player Report
Rules to write a Player Report

1. You are only allowed to write in one of these topics, if you are: 
  1. the accused player
  2. the accusing player
  3. a witness or in any other IMPORTANT relation to the Ban Request.
Any other replies like "Use the template." - "Omg that guy should be banned." are considered as backseat moderation and will lead to a warning or even a forum suspension.

2. Always use the template when making new threads.

3. Evidence is a requirement, do not request log checks, include solid evidence for your report or do not post one. 

4. Try and keep your comments short, informative and avoid using strong language.

5.  Fabricating or tampering with evidence with intent to mislead, and providing false statements is under zero tolerance - committing such violations will lead to a lengthy forum ban.

6.  Player reports on staff (moderators and administrators) are concluded by the Supervising Administrators and/or Owner.

The Template

If you want to file a report, please use this form to get a fast and quick summary.

Thread Title: Report: <name>

Name of player: (Who you feel violated the rules?)

SteamID: (What is the SteamID of the person?)

Time in GMT: (When did it happen?)

Server: (On which of our servers did it happen? v2d/v33x/v2p?)

Summary: (What happened?)

Evidence: (Try to get as much evidence as you can get)

Copy this

Report: <name>


[b]Name of player[/b]:


[b]Time in GMT[/b]:



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