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Fall Out
1. I don't ask for you to change 
2. I look up the whole world spinning
3.I'm telling you the way I like it , how I want it .
4. Who are you in the dark ?
5. They're gonna keep on twiddling their thumbs 
6. Tell me why I keep going it back when I've been there done that ?
7. I got me someone else instead 
8. I'm getting so tired  , man fuck LA 
9. Maybe there is hunger in my blood...
10. Say what you mean OUT Loud 
11. A little bit psycho 
12. Oh I know I took the bait 
13. It's like something out of Shakespeare
14. God keep my head above water
15. You're always on my mind ( Bye , Bye , Bye )
16. Rumours spread like wildfire ..
17. And i'm sorry but I promise that hate me more than you do.
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i mean it's obvious god isn't a woman, i understand the whole power to the women but now its just being incorrect
insert epic code 
in reality, god does not exist. the bible was written by a Schizophrenic and some people realised theres no hope or reason to carry on so they made up heaven and hell and shit.

Another Libtard rekt
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** When Fall Out Is Release World Wide **


[Image: IMG-20181008-193416.jpg]

Fall Out is Jessica Summer's Ninth Album , released on November 2nd , 2018 . 
She told us that the God might be a woman with her first single " God Is A Woman" or tell us about someone that she took a bait out of it and fell into their trap on " Talk About Me"

Or let us hear her "Out Loud" , Fall out brings a whole new tracks about her chapter and showing us her struggle from the expose she gotten in the past few months . 

But other songs like "WildFire" & "Why" tell us about her love story and how much she wish she is able to live with her partner for the rest of her life . 


1. Why 
2. Breathin
3. God Is A Woman
4. In The Dark 
5. Thumbs
6. Been There Done That
7. Your Side Of The Bed
8. Wildfire
10. Out Loud
11. Psycho
12. Talk About Me
13. Everytime
14. Head Above Water
15. Perf
16. Smoke & Fire
17. Fuck Up

Track 1 - Why 

Track 2 - Breathin 

Track 3 - God Is A Woman

Track 4 - In The Dark 

Track 5 - Thumbs 

Track 6 - Been There Done That

Track 7 - Your Side Of The Bed 

Track 8 - Wildfire

Track 9 - Fractures 

Track 10 - Out Loud

Track 11 - Psycho

Track 12 - Talk About Me 

Track 13 - Everytime

Track 14 - Head Above Water

Track 15 - Perf

Track 16 - Smoke & Fire 

Track 17 - Fuck Up

                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190219-213657.jpg]
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Dear ***

I trusted you so much for months , you apologise to me for being a **** and beg for forgiveness .
You told me that you understand your action in order to be in the competition .
But now look at yourself
You backstabbed me right in the heart beat
and calling me *******
I trusted you so much as a friend and want us to have a good relationship
a good friendship build up
But you **** it up .
Insulting me every single day and making my mood drop far to the ground .

- Jessica Summer 

                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190219-213657.jpg]
You actually singing these ?
                                                                   [Image: IMG-20190219-213657.jpg]
I dont mean to be rude or anything but this is wierd as fuck.
How is it?
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