Rules for School, University, Apprenticeship Forum

You are in the write place to ask for help with your homework or if you just want to discuss about an interesting topic you heard about at school or Uni. Please be aware of the following rules though:

1. You are not allowed to simply ask for solutions for exercise you don't understand.

This section is to help you with your homework, so you understand it, simply giving you a solution won't help you long term.

2. If you post a problem with your homework don't just post e.g. the exercise like:

Quote:Help, I don't know how to solve -2x² + 468 = -10x

Please somebody give me the solution!

Instead show your will that you are actually trying to solve it and not just asking for the solution like this:

Quote:Help, I don't know how to solve -2x² + 468 = -10x.

I already tried getting the -10x to the other side and then multiplying with -1 but I am just not sure what I have to do next. Now I've got:

-2x² + 468 = -10x | +10x
-2x² + 10x +468 = 0 | *(-1)
2x² -10x - 468 = 0

Which step is next?

I know that I have to get the x² to stand by its own, but how does that work, could somebody please explain it to me?

3. If somebody is asking for help and you are trying to help him by looking for solutions and tipps on the internet, please post the source once you find something.

That's it, hope you learn something.

- Nudelholz

Dare to think!

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