Posing & Frames
I recently gain interest of taking pictures and editing them for the frames , billboards & posters on the roleplay server
here are a few I made 
some of you might seen them on the Met Gala 2018 Event on the Wall of Fame 

[Image: 9z7Mj87.jpg]

[Image: EPtwJ3b.jpg]

Share your poses today !
[Image: Pics-Art-08-22-04-35-48.png]
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Couple I made

[Image: QDggi4p.jpg][Image: tYCYHem.jpg][Image: Cb5VUJO.jpg][Image: RuJL3Y8.jpg]

[Image: source.gif]
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Here are some I made

Spoiler :
[Image: TIN2xXN.png]
[Image: ezImukM.png]
[Image: FuNzJpX.png]
[Image: BvAOXmb.png][Image: Xg9xbEI.png]
[Image: nN54rfQ.png]
[Image: sLrDCri.png]
[Image: wvtWM6H.png]
[Image: NNtTfl2.png][Image: xwqObER.png]
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
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New Poses I Made Recently 

[Image: AhTwMFc.jpg]
[Image: oHKxvAl.jpg]
[Image: Pics-Art-08-22-04-35-48.png]
I recently recreate some cool FL things , back around 2015 or 2016 or 2017 

i'm sure you remember this part of the video where Divey talks about the news 
and do you remember pure rich, the commercial 

 [Image: YjBO1mA.jpg]'

How about the gas buster one ?

[Image: nrRHGNq.jpg]

now you do remember , I recreate it and took me a while to make 
there's still a lot more I did , for example , one of the upcoming post will be related to probably the famous FL productions video 
something related to poor & rich Smile
[Image: Pics-Art-08-22-04-35-48.png]
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Snapchat filters in Garry's mod, this finna be a breeze.

Looks good.
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:40601685&b=10]
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Some Amazing poses I did few days ago 
the first one is an small gift for Forgee Smile

[Image: A13367FD964F04D5AD9CF21DF2C4166DF079D00C]
[Image: Pics-Art-08-22-04-35-48.png]
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(07-06-2018, 08:43 PM)Jessixa Wrote:
Some Amazing poses I did few days ago 
the first one is an small gift for Forgee Smile

[Image: 4D98196866713DB294AF6A5B89B1119981420A00]
[Image: AAA9730647D528C11DD16EC7119740361F43EF90]

Who's that cutie

[Image: source.gif]
I have to be honest Posing in Gmod doesn't really work that good, arms easily snap off, fingers are weird, Facial animations are also weird.

To be honest SFM does a way better job.
Here is a SFM poster (thumbnail) i made for a friend, 
Even though its pretty simple and only took me about 10 minutes i like it.[Image: YL189UH.png]

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