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Out of character: Sentimental post

When me and Huskii started this clan (organisation) back in 2018 we had no idea what it would become. We had been around for a good 5 years at the time, had taken many month breaks from the server and Gmod, and around the 2018 time when we had been back for about 6 months we decided to do something different. We had been in clans before, started our own ones like Aunt Peggy's Lads back in 2015, and ARCON group with Falcao in late 2015-2016, and they hadn't really gone anywhere besides maybe recruiting a few people and being a vessel to mess around and try out some new RPs. When the idea for Poseidon came along it wasn't created in any different way than the others, we just had a thought one day and gave it another shot with Ragamuffin in the earliest days of Poseidon helping out with trying to get the President to recruit us as a law enforcement group, eventually it worked and the 3 of us spent the day helping the SRU on raids, and we just felt in tune with that type of RP.

After a couple weeks of trying to get some legitimacy we had some applications come in and it really felt good, like we were achieving something with the work we were putting in; nothing major at first but we were taking the first steps.

Our earliest clan-to-clan arrangement was with Capone, which was very quickly terminated due to reasons at the time; and it felt like we had gone backwards, but we kept pushing on with the RPs, kept going on the build server and making cooler and neater builds with our clan logo, and bugging the president's to let us act as security.

Well we eventually hit gold. Me and Huskii built a huge complex in the MTL tunnel on V2d, and it was to us the coolest thing we had ever created on the server; and people saw it, you could barely miss it, and they were drawn to it. Asking us what it was, what we were about, and how to join us.
Within a few weeks we had grown rapidly into one of the biggest clans, I remember talking to Huskii about it at the time and joking we must've been one of the biggest in FL history with something like 40 active players in the clan, whether or not that was true I don't know, but the people were and we enjoyed the time spent with you all.

With growth comes rivalry, and we had our fair share of fights with The Crimson Order, a lot of that unfortunately spilled over into OOC, it was silly but it happens. Our huge in-game fights were brilliant, huge firefights in the tunnel building, we usually came out on top when we fought on our ground but believe me they got the best of us on many occasions!

We kept going and expanding and doing so many different and varied RPs but the common theme was that it made us love playing in this community more and more. You could usually find us taking over the government with a Poseidon employee as president and Poseidon acting as a law enforcement organisation, they really were the days.

We were given official status by JoeJoe, who's first clan experience (and his best) was as a QRF commander in Poseidon. Official status didn't really make us feel any differently, but it legitimised all the effort we had put into Poseidon to make it a nice RP experience.

Eventually though things came to an end, me and Huskii eventually tired of Gmod and decided it was time to call it a day, we took the step to close Poseidon not because we got bored of it, but because the game itself became more and more a past pleasure and not something we particularly wanted to keep playing; life events also played a huge part, for me I was going through incredibly tough and traumatic personal issues in my life which thankfully have long since passed, so we took the decision to retire Poseidon into FL history.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say to those of you that are left, or still check the forums, who were in Poseidon and made Poseidon possible: Thank you, Eoin, Declan, Baskinger, Equinox, BasicallyMental and many many others  even to the old Crimson Order guys, you made our time as a clan eventful and interesting, and the memories of Poseidon are the best I hold of Fearless.

As the server and community now drifts into what seems like obscurity, I wanted to take this opportunity to mark this down as a huge and immense thank you to all Poseidon members, you made us some amazing memories!

Below I've left some of the memories, from the earliest point of just me, Huskii and Ragamuffin to the full group picture and the names and titles of all Poseidon employee's at the end of it's life:

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Poseidon Executive Management

Huskii_ - Chief Executive Officer - Co-Founder - Retired

The C.E.O. oversees the company as a whole and manages all services, all staff including Directors report to the C.E.O.
Huskii retired from his position as C.E.O. of Poseidon in 2019

aDisabledDeer - Chief Executive Officer - Co-Founder

The C.E.O. oversees the company as a whole and manages all services, all staff including Directors report to the C.E.O.
Deer retired from his position as C.E.O. of Poseidon in 2019, however returned in late 2022 to see if the business is still viable in present-day EvoCity

Poseidon Board of Directors
Report weekly to the Executive Management

SeductivePotato - Director of Government Relations
In charge of dealings with the Government of EvoCity, ensuring fluid communication with the EvoCity President about Poseidon activities and contracts

Eoin - Director of Security - C.E.O. - 2019
In charge of overseeing the Quick Reaction Force, ensuring that the Section Commanders are doing their job and making sure that the QRF is ready to respond when called upon
Eoin was briefly promoted to C.E.O. when Deer and Huskii retired from the organisation, however it was soon determined that the organisation should close its doors and Eoin resigned that position.

Baskingner - Director of Commerce
In charge of our commercial side, making sure that the company continues to profit from EvoCity, through whatever means necessary

Weezy - Director of Employee Relations
In charge of all employee's within Poseidon, making sure that everyone has the right equipment and supplies, and making sure that all employee's are safe in whatever assignment they are given - will also take direct charge of interviewing and reviewing applications

GruntOnAst1ck - Director of Intelligence
In charge of investigating threats, and other things, that the C.E.O.'s feel needs to be taken seriously.

Current Employees

Ragamuffin - QRF Section Commander

Unknown Death Jarvan - QRF Section Commander

Lil Dec - QRF Section Commander

tobiashj- QRF Section Sergeant

SquidySam - QRF Officer

Equinox - QRF Officer

Emily - QRF Officer

Datass3456 - QRF Officer

Broadside - QRF Officer

UnlegitBanane - QRF Officer

The Lieutenant - QRF Officer

Aegean - QRF Officer

Richard_04 - QRF Officer

Mac - QRF Officer

Rebelz - QRF Officer

Franku - QRF Officer

Shabba - QRF Officer

Ajit Pai - QRF Officer

Mush - QRF Officer

Dawid - QRF Officer

Goldster - QRF Officer

Nicholasas - QRF Officer

TheRealBellick - QRF Officer

Jesse - QRF Officer

Dylan - Intelligence Officer

This staff list is from 2019 and will not be changed in any way - the members of Poseidon listed here were contracted when Poseidon closed its doors in 2019 and remain honorary Poseidon staff members, retaining their full rank and position in Poseidon even after our doors had closed.

Consider this list our hall of heroes, legends all, great friends, the best memories, the one and only organisation - Poseidon Corporation.

Thank you, for everything
-aDisabledDeer, C.E.O. and Co-Founder of Poseidon
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its unreadable bruh

Spoiler :
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You are right, it all started with that V2D dupe. I still remember that day driving past it, seeing president talking to Huskii in that huge window below the Poseidon logo, and I thought to myself that I just have to be a part of that.

After a while, we even expanded the tunnel section into a huge superfortress that extended all the way from connectivity warehouse to MTL. Nobody made it to the end, the best raiders died in the forest right outside the final defense line. It was impeccable. I'll never forget fending off Capones while Eoin's sniper rifle bullets whizzed by my head from the very end of the road, flinging the bodies out of the tunnel.

At the end, we should be thanking you and Huskii, you two made everything happen. Those were one of my finest memories of FL; wearing that navy blue suit, kevlar underneath, armed to the teeth, standing in the lobby and listening to your and Huskii's instructions for that day's job. I'm truly thankful that I was a part of it.

And, like always...
Nam periculum in ea sunt in mare
~ Equinox ~
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