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Poll: What should the new map be?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
85 32.08%
15 5.66%
Pines City
125 47.17%
4 1.51%
Original V2D
36 13.58%
Total 265 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

[Image: YwPF3L2.png]

Greetings Fearless,

We have heard the community's voice on there being a demand for a new map and it is a topic that has also been on our minds for quite sometime. V5P for many is too big and some feel as though we need a smaller one for more player interaction. In this thread is the official poll for the new map change which will be open for a week, your votes will give us an idea of what the community wants, however the result is not binding.

The options we are offering are the following:
v2d_sexy_v3 -
Pines -

The reason as to why the original V2D is not listed as an option is due to the fact that it would be a considerable downgrade, as it is not compatible with some of our recent additions. Once the new map is changed we will be sticking to it. Trailing out different maps would require a lot of work from our development team, as well as the fact that we believe the main server shouldn't be in a 'beta state'. Players should feel comfortable with the ability to create new dupes for the map they are playing on, rather than it being taken away from them after a small amount of time.

Before voting, we would appreciate it if you checked out each map. Feel free to discuss, but please keep it on topic and civil, otherwise it will be closed.
[Image: f2kzlKW.png]
v2d_sexy_v3 -

Let's get it.
[Image: QKxTx8d.png]
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Please pines city
Fearless Developer & Contributor Liaison

[Image: arny_gay.gif]
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nice guys
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I guess my poll wasn't good enough haha Wink

I just hope whatever map we have has a good amount of spaces for both Passive and Aggressive roleplays Big Grin
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[Image: yfwN1xp.png]

You think thats cool? Dont we all rep me on the forums pls REP
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V4B1 let's go back
Kind regards,

[Image: X8prSQG.jpg]

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Come on guys - lets not go back to the past with someone that we all know failed. Lets do something new and fresh instead of repeating the old evocity cycle. Pinescity is SMALLER than both V5P and V2D and is a complete circuit - making car chase fun again.

EDIT: A lot of incorrect information is being said by the V2D nostalgia crew, pines is SMALLER than both V5P and V2D and the map is a complete circuit. I'd look at the end of the massive debate in discussions for proof of this.

Fearless Developer

[Image: qvxPwmM.gif]
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if "sexy" v2d is the only v2d option im voting for v4b
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