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[Concluded]Create's Cliche Application V2
Name: [FL:RP] Create

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:87369477

Hours on CityRP: 2510 Hours+ gained since December 2015

Role-play points:  I have gained 10 Roleplay Points for various reasons and roleplays.

Bans: I have gained six bans since 2015. My last ban was in August 2016

Blacklists: I have 13 Blacklists, last blacklist received was in September 2016

Are you able to use and speak good English?
Yes. I received a C and a B in my English GCSE Literature and Language.

Why do you think you deserve the position? I know that I recently resigned (6/03/2018) due to a mass build-up of work from School and various other places, however I feel that decision was very rushed on my part, which now I seem to somewhat regret. After extreme consideration, and organisation, my life and work is back on track. Although my resignation is still fairly fresh, I would love to come back into the team and help my former teammates as well as the new team to try and make roleplay thrive in FL once again. The ability to help new players was incredible and I enjoyed ever moment of being a teacher. Now that there are six current members on the teacher team, I would love to help them in supporting the server as well as the forums and hopefully to join the team once again for a longer period of time compared to the previous 6 months I spent as a Teacher. Big Grin

Many Thanks,
[FL:RP] Create
Former FearlessRP Teacher
Application Withdrawn.

After a recent encounter with Forgee and Joe Joe, I feel that it is best to withdraw my application to be a role model for the community. At this moment in time, I am not in the right state of mind, and I do not see how I will be able to focus giving back to the community if being myself is not a task I can currently complete. My sincere apologies if my application has caused a disruption, I did not wish for this encounter to occur, however, it unfortunately has and so these are the actions I have to take.

Sincere Apologies,
[Image: DxLVliJ.png]

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
Re-opened per request
[Image: DxLVliJ.png]

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
An Explanation

I feel as though an explanation as to why I withdrew this application is needed, and I'd also like to apologize for the disruption this may have caused. I had originally closed this application for quite a few reasons, reasons of which were so impacting to my attitude towards and around Fearless and its members. As well as a few members opinions on me. I had come to realize that my character, and my persona had changed somewhat to a slightly negative one. As most of you may be aware, back in 2016, I didn't exactly have the best attitude nor light painted on myself. This was due to many reasons, in which looking back on it now, I can completely agree as to why my loyalty, respect and attitude with Fearless was being questioned. I often came across as rude, spiteful and lacking in passion towards roleplay and Fearless itself. 

Over the course of 2017, I tried my best to change that, I had realized that I really did enjoy helping, motivating and roleplaying with players, whether new or old. I realized that nobody could change myself but me, and so I did, I took some time away (Summer 2017) and reflected on who I really am, rather than trying to paint this persona that I seemed to try so hard to achieve. I came back to FL happy and motivated once again to roleplay, new ideas, new roleplays, new players and I was more than willing to give back to the server. 

After October, and I had been promoted to Teacher, I absolutely loved it, every second spent helping on Fearless was a second I enjoyed it even more. There were a few internal disagreements between myself and a few staff members, but nothing that caused a negative impact within the Fearless team. The team felt like a Family (Cliche, I know) and it was a family that I was so proud to be apart of, finally being able to give back to the community. 

Fast forward to a week ago, a situation occurred that made me rethink a lot of things, and it made me realize I was becoming the same person that I was back in 2016. This situation made me realize that I had slowly started becoming that person once again, and for that I did not like. I closed this application as I felt that I didn't want to help players and roleplay unless I can be the best I possibly could be myself, giving them the best possible help with the best possible experience. A day or two after this situation, Divey had contacted me, and we had a decent conversation until around 3am in the morning.  This was when I really started becoming myself again, being the same ol' Create making quirky jokes, and my motivation to get onto the servers and help out came back. Ever since that, I have been online everyday, exploring roleplays, having fun with players and helping out in OOC, remembering exactly why I wanted to become a teacher in the first place. 

Finally, I'd like to apologize to whomever is reading this. One, because I feel as though I haven't thanked you enough for giving me the opportunity to help out on the servers, as well as be apart of this amazing family that the Fearless Team has created and two, because I have really rambled on and I didn't mean to write this much.  I just wish to thank you, for giving me the past opportunity as well as for putting up with me when I made quirky suggestions in the Teacher Suggestions or Teacher Room. I would really love to become a teacher once again so I can help make roleplay thrive again, as well as making sure every player gets the best possible experience. Thank you for reading this, I hope that I do not cause any disagreements in the decision making for this application. Thank you! Big Grin

We greatly appreciate your interest in joining the teacher team, but unfortunately, we do not believe you fitting for the rank yet. So, unfortunately, we have to deny your teacher application.

But don't worry, you have the opportunity to write a new application in two months. 

Here is some feedback on your application:

- We were discussing your original resignation, contributor application and short application withdraw, and we are not quite certain which direction you are heading. We think it's a bit too soon since the original resign and the whole contributor situation to return to the teacher team.
- Though keep in mind, you were a good teacher and you knew your stuff, but we just believe it's a bit soon to return. Also adding to the previous statement, when you originally made the second application, your activity had been a bit too low. Keep in mind that after the 2 month period between applications, things might have changed and you might have better chances to return.
Thank you for your time and interest towards the server.
[Image: DxLVliJ.png]

Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!

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