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Blackwing PMC
Steam Name: [FL] Random
Age: --
Bans: 3
Blacklists: 11 (All old)

Full Name:
Dean Grimes

Place of Birth: U.S.A
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Religious Views: Christianity (

Mental State: Very good.
Medical Conditions: N/A

Height: 187cm (6'1'')
Weight: 85kg (
187 lbs)
Build: Muscular

What are you able to Offer?:
I am able to offer an extra set of hands. A good shot and a very loyal member.
Why do you want to join the PMC? (100 Words Minimum): 
I would like to join Blackwing PMC as I have seen the work you have put in for the city, it's citizens and everything that comes with it. I have experience from when I served in the US army, and other various PMC's in Evocity who sooner or later went off the grid. During my time in the army, I received the medal of honor for rescuing a squad captured by our opponents.  

Blackwing PMC is a respectable, honorable and a strong PMC, to which I believe has the opportunity to become something big, something I would like to be a part of. With my expertise within weaponry, and my word that I am an honorable person, I hope that you will accept me into the PMC. 
[Image: CbkBVOT.png]

Steam Name: [FL:RP] Panda
Age: 15
Bans: 6
Blacklists: 3 (PTE Counting as 1)
Hours: 2618


Full Name: Matthew Velazquez (Matt)

Place of Birth: Meath, IE.
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Religious Views: Roman Catholicism 

Mental State: Stable
Medical Conditions: Peanut Allergy

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 78 KG
Build: Muscular (Mesomorph)

What are you able to Offer?: Throughout my days in military groups in Ireland and in the States I have brought a huge range of different tactics, great knowledge of leadership and most importantly, I am great on the field. From my time in Ireland (information about the group classified) I fought for Ireland's independence, I threw my life and my family away to do so, on the field when there is a task given to me, I will do it with a full heart and get it done flawlessly. After the battles in Ireland, it got a little heated so I moved over to here, Evocity in the U.S to start a new life and have a go at the Marines. I applied for the marines around the time of the terrorist issues in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. I flew straight out as a private and was appointed to communications and the sniper squad in the Iraq desert, there was four of us in a squad which I lead, we gave all info needed to secure a winning battle which resulted the lives being saved in a whole small desert town. Every mission I was just getting better and better until I decided to take a break.

The skills I learnt in Ireland and in the Marines in the U.S can greatly benefit this PMC, skills that not many people have in the
military these days.

Why do you want to join the PMC? (100 Words Minimum): I would like to join Blackwing PMC because I think that my time in Marines was not where I wanted to be, it was too big and mainstream. I feel as if fighting for the city that welcomed me into the U.S would be a high honour, fighting for the country was still great but it means I can stay with my family now in Evocity as well doing what I love. Blackwing PMC is exactly what I have been looking for in my time in the U.S and I would love to be in this group to use my unique skills.
Server Trial Admin
This makes me think about coming back with mr ghostkiller
[Image: kkf9Dtf.png]

Kinds Regards
Community Member

[Image: Blackwing_PMC_Logo.png]

We would like to thank you all for taking your time to fill out the application to join Blackwing PMC. Blackwing PMC prides themselves on having the highest standard for a PMC and will not employ people who could jeopardise the stability and organisation of the team. Therefore we train our troops to the best of our ability before therefore deciding their suitability. Therefore the following applicants have been accepted into the Private Enlisted-1 Stage of Blackwing PMC:
  • Keving Shelby
  • Kristian Nebula
  • Lamarr West
  • Richard Thurman
  • Vic Lombardi
  • John Shelby
  • Dean Grimes
  • Matthew Velazquez
  • Charles Thomas Matthews
You have all be seen to have potential within the PMC and have therefore been chosen to take part in the PVT E-1 training stages. We commend you on signing up to the protect others and will make contact with you in relations to training sessions.

At Ease,
Robert 'Sigma' Marston

Joe Joe
Fearless Administrator

[Image: hlDszEi.png]
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Name: [FL:RP] Grapefruit
Age: Fifteen.
Bans: Three one-day bans.
Blacklists: Five blacklist instances.
Hours: 1275+


Full Name:
Charles Thomas Matthews
Place of Birth: Evo City, United States of Evo
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty Eight
Religious Views: Athiest

Mental State: No indication of mental disorders
Medical Conditions: None

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190lbs
Build: Endo-Mesomorph


What are you able to Offer?: Matthews offers expertise, knowledge and tactically in all areas: leadership, battle, respect, and teamwork. 
Why do you want to join the PMC?: Matthews has had training as a toddler, being tested against the hardest and most enduring situations and environments with the utmost of respect and determination to win at all times. Decades later, his talents must not go to waste. He'd like to join to be a part of a family with objectives and teammates and be a part of something with his expertise focused with the Blackwing PMC.
Kind Regards,
Fearless Donator
- Transmission begins -

> MESSAGEREAD;- Training begins tomorrow at 8pm, be there.

Spoiler :
[Image: ciGXgk7.jpg]
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[Image: source.gif]

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Steam Name: Magistraaljager
Age: 17
Bans:  3
Blacklists: 4
Hours: 246

Full Name: Midas "Magician" Gustave

Place of Birth: EvoCity
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Religious Views: Evolution Theory

Mental State: Healthy
Medical Conditions: Healthy

Height: 198cm
Weight: 95kg
Build: Long, Normal

What are you able to Offer?:

As a former SWAT Sergeant & FBI operative i am able to operate (as):
- Trucks (Drivers License since: 2017)
- Cars (Drivers License since: 2015
- Priority Vehicles (Drivers License since: 2016)
- Heavy and Small arms (License since: 2015)
- Melee weapons (License since: 2015)
- military medic training (2015)
- convoi exceptionnel (Heavy vehicles) (Drivers License since: 2018)

My skills:
Strategic Planning, Medical Support, Escorting high value transports, VIP defence & Raids

Why do you want to join the PMC? (100 Words Minimum):

I would like to join the PMC because of my background at the government. My last job at the government was SWAT Sergeant where i left with an honorable discharge. After a while i started missing "je maintiendrai" ( i will keep order). Then i saw the large military convoy and informed where i could apply. The application papers werent ready said an nice fellow named "Joe". But he said that joining the PMC was hard. Intensive training is something i did for years so i think i am able to handle it. But one thing i miss from my time at the SWAT is the band of brothers. The privates werent just privates for me they were brothers and i hope to experience that again at Blackwing PMC.

Thank you for the opportunity,
Midas "the Magician" Gustave

[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_1:1:46554285&b=8]
Steam Name: [FL:RP] Aragorn
Age: 16 Years old
Bans: 7
Blacklists: 19
Hours: 910 Hours

Full Name:
Lorenzo Silva
Place of Birth: 25/06/2001
Gender: Male
Age: 19 Years old
Religious Views:

Mental State: Great
Medical Conditions: No medical injuries

Height: 1m85
Weight: 65 kg
Build: Muscle

What are you able to Offer?: I am offering my defence and my weapons. Will always be there to help my mates.

Why do you want to join the PMC? (100 Words Minimum):

I think i would be a great member in the team.
I will always be ready to protect us and follow orders from my sergeant.
I've seen the team and i liked it. There is also some friends in it so i would really like to help you guys out and give some support.
Im also in to the aggressiveRP And the militairy. I would really like to be a member and be one of the soldiers.

I know this isn't a 100 words but i hope you guys see i would like to join.
[Image: Znrx5St.jpg]             
Community Member
& Donator
Steam Name: [FL]TheSiphon
Age: 17
Bans: 0 
Blacklists: 6 (8 if you don't count PTE as one blacklist)
Hours: 1451

Full Name: John Rayes

Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon, USA
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Religious Views: Not religious, but no strong views on religion either

Mental State: Healthy
Medical Conditions: None

Height: 183.4cm
Weight: 85Kg
Build: Endomorph

What are you able to Offer?: Knowledge of military tactics, repair & assembly skills, respect, and reliability for fellow soldiers.

Why do you want to join the PMC? (100 Words Minimum):

I originally received basic military training, but never got deployed for duty. I feel that a fight for the right cause is more important than anything and it is the least I could do for the country I live in now. As I said, I never got deployed in the army due to family issues back home. Instead of returning to the army to finish the rest of the training, I wish to join the PMC, as the organization's values match my personal values. It would be an honor to develop these values even further and assure that the EvoCity stays on the right path and that the civilians are safe in the city. 
I do not think I will develop my skills and personality any further in the ordinary US army branches. I believe the PMC would offer me a lot more than the army ever could and it would allow me to secure the values of freedom, security, and solidarity.
[Image: sFVnVzY.png?1]

(Credit to Arny for creating the signature)
Feel free to add reputation or not. Have a nice day!
[Image: 2ywv3HR.png]

Posters start appearing around Evocity.
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