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What do you drive ?
i drive a Laundry Basket with Roller Blades Ductaped under them
[Image: coolshibe2.png]
This is my Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T.  Love

[Image: eb364d0d836f5356742f1e48d7a8cfef.jpg]
[Image: FLsuprasignaturecarquoteresized_zps5353df6f.png]
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This is my Yamaha YZ 85
Spoiler :
[Image: vbB4Rn0.jpg]
Spoiler :
 [Image: TJbgrCF.jpg]
And this is my moped (I will get a new helmet)
Spoiler :
 [Image: yup6Y20.jpg]
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