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Team Sub-Roles
This thread documents the sub-roles the staff team currently possess, along with an explanation of what they do and the rule set a staff member should follow when they find themselves in one of these roles. Displayed next to each rank is who currently holds the position. In no way are the people who possess these roles better than anyone else (it is not a promotion, only an assignment), it's just that Management assigned them to this role as they felt they best suited it, whether it be due to experience, knowledge, etc. The roles should also be evenly distributed within the team, meaning one person shouldn't hold multiple sub-roles.

Clan Officer

The Clan Officers role is to oversee the organisations on the server. They should ensure the organisation rules are followed. They should also be focused on how they can improve the system of clans and groups by addressing problems they have with the system and making suggestions to the Development team in order to make an improvement upon it. If there is a single Clan Officer then they are not permitted to be in a clan. If a Clan Officer doesn't want to have their ability to be in a organisations to be revoked then a second Clan Officer will be instated (assuming they don't want to give up the role). This means that if there is a war which one of them may be involved in (By their organisation being a party in it or an allied organisation) they cannot participate in the planning of that war, instead it will go to the other Clan Officer (this requires the Clan Officers not to be in the same organisation or allied with one another. However, if their organisation are enemies they can organise it together).

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