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Check out my YouTube Channel!
Hey guys my channel name is Kanightley. I upload Bi-daily. Would be awesome if you guys could subscribe, like, comment, and stay active on my channel. I might even be starting a series of best moments in CityRP so stay tuned for that.

Thanks guys! Hope you stay active and enjoy!
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  • AlphaAdam
What's this 'bi daily thing'?
Oh my, please spare me. No thank you :))
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Want to know the secrets of space time continuum? Click here!
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  • Prompt
Get off our forums plz. No advertising allowed
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Thank you Envy
When I opened the thread I didn't expect a channel with good videos. However, these videos are well made and very good quality. I'll definitely have a look at your channel now and then. Keep the good work up Wink
[Image: 00-final-product-final.gif]
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  • Link66
Hey guys dont be so rude, the guy just wants to share his channel. I'll definitely have a look mate! :)
Kind regards,
Fearless Donator
Really good videos tbh.
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I must admit,really good videos
[Image: gW4yGIQ.png]

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