[Unofficial] Kaizen

[OOC Information]
Steam Name: [email protected]
Hours on the server: 500+
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1839316
RP-Points: 2
Donator: Yes (85 days)

[IC Information]
Name: Budy Bentley
Age: 23
Adress: 123 Fake Street
Possession applying for: Rookie
Backround: Budy has been a whispered name for years, always respected however never too far in the another community to take a fall.
If there's criminal activity, I'm usually somehow involved; whether it's hanging out in high heat bases or raiding others to assert dominance, I have all the skills pegged. I have a history as the co-founder of the infamous Thieves Guild, but i'm looking for a new way to anger the government - street racing is the most visual way of doing that.

I've been trained in advanced driving as a getaway driver in my previous occupations. I also have a BTEC in Architecture, so if you need me to mod the clubhouse then hit me up. You guys may have previously remembered me rolling in my White Bentley, which was my pride and joy before I "collected" my Maroon Skyline.

Why do you want to join our crew? (short): Rolled with you guys before and it was pretty sweet. Criminal activity and racing combined sounds like my kind of gig.
Owned vehicles: Bentley, Nissan Skyline, Smart Car
[Image: HmlcOJz.png]
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[OOC Information]

Steam Name: molyneux481
Hours on the server: 500
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29565495
RP-Points: 2
Donator: Indeed

[IC Information]

Name: Sam Davies
Age: 23
Adress: Evocity lakestreet 4
Possession applying for: Rookie
Backround: When I was 14 years old I would always watch fast and furious and always thought that would be me one day. When I turned 17 I passed my driving liscense and bought a ford focus for my first car. I would often take my car down to the local circuit and practise my moves. Every day I got better and learnt a lot drom the staff that run the circuit. One day a man turned up and was impressed with my drifting skills. So he offered me a job as a full time driver. Once I earned my respect on the streets I got a new car frim winning a lot of races, The car I bought was a porshe spyder. 2 years later my manager died from a heart attack and im looking for new a new job.
Why do you want to join our crew? (short): I want to show of my professional drifting skills and show others how's it done. I also want to improve my driving reputation on the streets and have loyal crew members that can guide me into the right path.
Owned vehicles: Porche, RV and the Chrysler. However, will spend some money on a new racing vehicle.
[Image: 5csIVdt.png]
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Dear all,

After an intense review of the applicants, I am pleased to announce two new members of the Kaizen Clan.

Please welcome,
Budy Bentley and Sam Davies as our new Rookies.

Thank you for applying, and good luck on the road!

Miki Kaizen
Street King
Oh bollocks... I lost my Signature!
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[OOC Information]
Steam Name:JoshZ
Hours on the server: 714
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57372971
RP-Points: 0
Donator: Yes
References: Rat

[IC Information]
Name: Josh Bullsack
Age: 27
Adress: 14 Downtown Road
Possession applying for: Lookout
Backround: Young man, very applied to work. Will get his hands dirty for his friends and wants nothing but money.
Why do you want to join our crew? (short): I believe that I'm very intrested in cars and the whole racing cars things is good and looks very cool, I want to show off good car and try to help races go on and let people race with no bother.
Owned vehicles: Nissan Skyline GTR R32
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[OOC Information]
Steam Name: TheGamerGuyGBR
Hours on the server: 1008
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:72475001
RP-Points: 1
Donator: Not anymore.

[IC Information]
Name: Walter 'Rosenberg' Black
Age: 45
Adress: #2 Backstreet Studio Apartments
Position applying for: Rookie
Backround: Aged man who has been a criminal his whole life, going under the radar of the law. Only cares for personal gain and does whatever it takes to get to the top.
Why do you want to join our crew? (short): I am fascinated by cars and the criminal underworld surrounding them - I need some excitement in my life for a new career. It is a good time to put my pride and joy, Dodge Charger, to work.
Owned vehicles: Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300C, RV, VW Beetle, Volvo 850R, Ford Focus.
Dear all,

After a short review with the persons. I am happy to announce our 2 new members.

Please Welcome
- Josh Bullsack. As Lookout
- Walter 'Rosenberg' Black. As Rookie

Thank you for your interest and applications!

- Kenji Kaizen - Kaizen Mastermind


[Image: sB8QM4E.png]

[OOC Information]

Steam Name:[FL:RP] JohnSilver

Hours on the server:1513

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:51937092


Donator:yes 83 day

[IC Information]

Name:John Hoxton

Age: 45

Address: 3 villas road

Possession applying for: Mechanic

Background: I'm a professional Car Mechanic, I've done a degree in engineerring in college, I'm simply looking to do a job with cars and would love to apply for such a postiton

Why do you want to join our crew? (short):I've been working with cars for most of my life and want to take it to next level

Owned vehicles:
Chevrolet Suburban
nissan Skyline GTR R32
Trabant X3
Mini Cooper S 11
Bentley PM Continental GT
[Image: mk8OL7h.png]

[OOC Information]
Steam Name: [FL:RP] dawson270500
Hours on the server: 439
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:109786380
RP-Points: 0
Donator: 25 days left

[IC Information]
Name: Austin 'dawson' Powers
Age: 22
Adress: 5 Backstreet Apartments
Possession applying for: Mechanic
Backround: British Gangs
Why do you want to join our crew? (short): I want to move on from my background of gangs, and use my experience in mechanics to keep cars running instead of drug labs
Owned vehicles: Volvo 850 R, Mini S 11, Trabant(buying Volvo S60 soon)

Refernce: Molynuex481
[Image: ETQjSgL.jpg]
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Dear all,

After reviewing the applications, and an interview with one of them, I am pleased to announce two new members to the Kaizen Clan.

Please welcome,
John Hoxton & Austin 'dawson' Powers as our two new mechanics.

Thank you for your interest, and good luck on the road!

Miki Kaizen
Street King
Oh bollocks... I lost my Signature!
Welcome everyone! Too bad you'll be eating my dust.

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