[Unofficial][Pas/Agg]United Militias Of EvoCity
(10-29-2017, 08:08 PM)King Wrote: (OOC)
Steam Name:[FL:RP] King
SteamID:Not needed
RP Points:3
Hours on Server:450+
Server Activity(1-10):8
Forum Activity(1-10):6
Do you have access to Discord?:y
Why do you want to join the clan?:To save your ass
Any contacts for reference:you
Name:Michael Martinez
Phone Number:321456
What weapons do you own?(Does not have to be an IG weapon):ak
Why do you want to join the Militia?:to save our glorious leader's ass from dying
Will you be loyal and serve the people accordingly?:urghhhh
Date Of Birth:12.30
Place Of Birth:evocity
Your life story:my life story
Do you abide by the contract?:y
Do you swear on the oath?:I swear

Denied. Do not post troll applications.
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Major updates, as well as new members will be announced when I get on my computer.
On another note, all members at the time of closure can simply contact me to get back in the clan.
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Steam Name: [FL:RP] dawson270500
RP Points: 1
Hours on Server:
Server Activity(1-10): 8(when I'm not I'll)
Forum Activity(1-10): 9
Do you have access to Discord?: Y
Why do you want to join the clan?: Looks cool, was in it before
Any contacts for reference: the other Dawson
Bans: 0
Blacklists: 4
Name: Austini Vercetti
Age: 24
Gender: f
Address: 4 Slums Appartments
Phone Number: 0800001066
What weapons do you own?(Does not have to be an IG weapon): Deagle, Mac 10, Ak
Why do you want to join the Militia?: To protect Evo city
Will you be loyal and serve the people accordingly?:yep
Citizenship: British dual American
Date Of Birth: 12/5/1993
Place Of Birth: On M1 in a Taxi
Your life story: Born in 1993, in the back of a taxi in the UK. Sister to the famous spy Austin Powers. With her mother been almost illiterate she just named her something she could spell with an I on the end, her elder brothers name. She was always a criminal, starting with petty crimes when she was a child, shoplifting mainly, until she turned 17. At 17 she lost her mother, her brother dealt with this by becoming a spy for some reason, she dealt with it by taking a shit load of drugs and waking up in Evo City about 2 months later. After waking up and working out she had no idea where she was, she asked the nearest police office where on earth she is, this police officer, named Matthew Jones, ended up taking her to a local orphanage. She then ended up in High School, meeting Lewis Jameson, a local running boy at the time. After to talking him for some time, he told her how she could earn a little money, running drugs. With no real thought put into the mater she started running coke through the city, riding from the airport to the slums on her bike, and vice versa. By the age of 19 she had been caught for the first time running drugs, and ended up doing a year in prison, during this time she met Tommy Vercetti, a prison guard. At first they just kinda got along, but once she left prison they ended up dating. When she got out of prison she had some friends on the inside now, been given some advice before leaving prison, by a local gang lord on the inside. On leaving she took this advice, soon she was smugling drugs into the local prison for the gang leader.
On her 21st birthday, Tommy Vercetti proposed to her, on their wedding night she received a call that her brother, had been found dead. He was found up to his tits in coke surrounded by several passed out women, all she had to think on the matter was "typical". After his body was released, she shoved his body in a dumpster and set it on fire, laughing her head off while doing it.
At age 23 the Drug Smuggling into the prisons went dry, as the gang leader had died in a recent riot. Her husband Tommy Vercetti decided to try and get her a proper job, helping find some work at a local delivery company, but in the process introducing her into weapons smuggling. She ended up quitting her job at the delivery company and went into weapons smuggling. Buying and selling whatever she could find. Her husband somehow put up with this all, despite near to the time become a police officer, he vowed that he wouldn't arrest his own wife, and decided that crime was in her nature.
Do you abide by the contract?: Y
Do you swear on the oath?: Y
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(10-30-2017, 02:48 PM)dawson270500 Wrote: -snip-

Thank you for applying Mrs.Vercetti, I will reach a conclusion shortly and inform you.
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Good Evening Citizens,
Today I make my first and last announcement as the leader of the Citizen Militia Of EvoCity, for that we are being re-born as the United Militias Of EvoCity! The ranks and application systems have been completely revamped, and we feel that EvoCity shall once again be blessed with liberation. On top of that, I want to announce two new members, Generals Austini Vercetti and Kyle McCole. As a last word, applications will from now on be posted to me using Forum PM.
Generalissimo Andrew Mackinley
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Good evening citizens,
I am pleased to announce that Kyle McCole has been kicked and blacklisted from our organisation. Kyle McCole has been found to be associating with other groups, refused to leave them when ordered and confessed that he had no interest in us, thus leading to his removal.
Generalissimo Andrew Mackinley
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Requesting closure, clan annexed by Chi No Hebi
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--| Clan Closed |--

Clan closed due to inactivity. Contact the Clan Officers to have it reopened in the future
Fearless Administrator
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