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Vantiago Incorporated
Vantiago Incorporated

Welcome to 'Vantiago Incorporated'. We are an Evocity born and bred company that strives to bring a mix of the 'new' and the 'old' into society. After the success of the 'Vantiago Villa' company an expansion to new devices can be used to show the world what can come from Evocity. A combination of talents will create a succesful company which will allow us to combine 'Vantiago Villas' and 'The Fearless Pravda' into a hub where you can access everything we offer easier. In addition there will be two new arrivals to our company including the new range of visual based medium. Which includes shows and movies. These shows may be hosted by other networks but may be made by us. We have many plans for future developments and roles for the future.

[Image: 3025bb406246654b72b2ee9c3b7d8856.png] [Image: 6e94b4106cbffdb74bc46fe80b96b0c7.png][Image: 1a97308bcee50f4259a008171155d793.png] [Image: bcf78a06834c1c328178b447d61203fe.png][Image: 8499f3f47905e51d0491aa8dc7a61395.png] [Image: cd09c6a1f48c8042d843528309c539ab.png] [Image: 08a91058ba27d5b86d956d4178632b58.png] [Image: e2f31ef0c0b953c53b809cb0867f9ff6.png]

Due to the introduction of these new mediums we will be hiring many staff to work at 'Vantiago Incorporated' and anybody can apply. We will be hiring many people with many different skill sets so don't worry we will have a job for you! Applications will begin for 'Vantiago Villas' and 'The Fearless Pravda' immediately. Applications for 'Vantiago Cinematography' and 'Vantiago Shows' will start immediately also but the after acception/denial it does not mean there will be a job ready instantly.
(Terms and Condtions Apply: With all Applications being over the legal age of 18 and have no convictions on their criminal record)

The current shows under development by 'Vantiago TV' includes:
#Unclassified 1 - 4 Main Cast
#Unclassified 2 - 2 Main Cast
#Unclassified 3 - Cancelled
#Unclassified 4 - 6 Main Cast

The movies under production by 'Vantiago Cinematography includes:
#Project 1
#Project 2

Due to the scripts are not completed yet many show and movie titles have not been listed due to possible acts of plagirism agains 'Vantiago Incorporated'

To make sure production can start immediately we have decided that applications for all jobs will begin and will be evaluated and accepted/denied as soon as possible

To become an actor you must apply for the role. If you are accepted you will be told to act as a character in a certain situation and will be judged to be further accepted into the role.

To be accepted as a writter you must firstly apply and we will tell you to captivate a story from EvoCity and if your story is interesting and keeps our attention you will be further accepted into the role

To be accepted as a presenter you must firstly apply. After an application is confirmed you will be put into a show based scenario and will therefore be asked to present a short snippet of a show.

Firstly you msut apply. Once accepted you will be given the challenging job of creating a sketch for a show/movie. After the sketch is review you may be accepted, with your sketch possibly being used in a show!

Current Staff
Overall Director:Joseph Vantiago Deacon (Joe Joe Binks)
Director of Affiliation: Edward Kenneth (Chopchop1614)
Joseph Vantiago Deacon (Joe Joe Binks)

Head Writer: Joseph Vantiago Deacon (Joe Joe Binks)


Head Security - Charles Mustermann (Idea)

Head Builder - Joseph Vantiago Deacon (Joe Joe Binks)

Head Designer - Mia Elizabeth Finch (ADuckOnQuack) 

Hiring Officer
Head Hiring-Officer: Travis Miller (Eclipze)

We thank you for your time and hope that some skillful star will take up the oppurtunity to change their lives for the better with 'Vantiago Incorporated' and hope that you too can succeed!

Yours Sincerely,
Joseph Vantiago Deacon
[Image: 006f70134327f2c74d5c27c667354e12.png]
This looks nice! Good luck!
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Did I help you? +REP
Looks great! Good luck.
[Image: 0STbbO7.png]
Dear Citizens

We are happy to announce two new mediums coming to 'Vantiago Incorporated'. These two new mediums are a great way to show the talent and skills of members of EvoCity and to praise the talented actors and actresses who put Evo on the map for its skill in cinematography and television. 4 new hubs have been added but only 2 are accessible now with 2 more secret projects coming in the near future.

Evo Ads
Evo ads is a place where citizens of EvoCity can pay for or create their own adverts to be hosted on one of our numerous shows or before the beginning of a movie premier. between adverts in a show 2 advertisements will be played with each lasting 30 seconds or just a 1 minute advert. A 30 second advert cost $500 to screen and a 1 minute advert costs $1000. But don't worry your ads will be featured for a while. Your ads will also be displayed on the Evo Ads hub encase someone needs to find you!

Evo Awards
Evo awards is an annual show that will display the thriving talent of actors and actresses in the EvoCity community. The show will have various categories where people can win awards and will truly show the talent of the city. The show will include performances from singers and will include advert breaks. The show will include some of the finest hosts that EvoCity has ever seen and will show what unique talent can come from 1 place.

Thank You
We would like to say a massive thanks to the community of EvoCity for giving us such a pleasant welcoming into the community. We hope that our business can serve you greatly and we thank you for being supportive

Yours Sincerly,
Joseph Vantiago Deacon
[Image: 006f70134327f2c74d5c27c667354e12.png]
Massive Update!

'Vantiago Incorporated' is happy to say that we have had a massive overhall of staff members being employed into the company. This staff overall has allowed us to employ new staff members in the signing over of 2 companies. The two companies that we have been signed over to us include 'Sentex' and 'Evolution Media' these have allowed us to add more sections into the company and therefore upgraded our ability to produce more content at an increase rate.

We would like to congratulate the new staff which includes Robert Halsey (Sharpshooter), James Bradford (Eclipze), Codename:Ossarium (-Ossarium-), Charles Mustermann (Idea) and Austin Powers (Sharpshooter270500) into the ranks of 'Vantiago Incorporated' and hope that they are succesful in the company.

We thank you all for reading and look forward to producing more content.

Yours Sincerely,
Joseph Vantiago Deacon
[Image: 006f70134327f2c74d5c27c667354e12.png]
Another New Staff Member

We would like to welcome our newest member of staff Mia Elizabeth Finch. Her work has been noticed and is of a great quality. She is know through EvoCity for her designing work and therefore are happy to have her on the team! We would also like to welcome the new Director of Affiliation, Edward Kennith. He will be in-charge of handling the transferring of people into 'Vantiago Incorporated'

Yours Sincerely
Joseph Vantiago Deacon
[Image: 006f70134327f2c74d5c27c667354e12.png]
I would like to request the closure of this group.

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