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Report: Jacket
Name of player: Jacket

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119176343

Time in GMT: Just now

Server: V4B1

Summary: So a cop was chaseing me around and he stopped and i saw his/her vehicle parked so i wanted to put it in the lake so he/she could not chase me anymore. This is then without warning i got shot dead for no reason other than ramming his/her vehicle


[Image: giphy.gif]
first idk how to replay
second : you were wanted by the police for recklessly driving / not responding for the officer that pointed gun at you ,

,& ya thats all               

,,i think ?
No responding? The video clearly shows me not even having a chance at responding, You told me to stop as you opened fire on my vehicle.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Player Report


Closing Notes

You did walked up to him, asking him to get out not giving him a fair chance to follow the order.
You broke rule 12.9 (Police can not shoot vehicles, unless it is vital that the car needs to be stopped, for example if the driver is putting lives of others at risk. Hot Pursuit must be the first option.)

However, GamingOfficialZZ You'll be blacklisted from vehicles for on purposly ramming vehicles into the lake.

Thank you for reporting,

Fearless Administrator
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