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Gamemode Extend AFK time for none leaders
Title of Suggestion: Extend AFK time for none leaders

Description: Extend the AFK timer to around 10 minutes for roles that are not leaders (police officer, rebel, chef, etc) and keep the 5 min for leaders (presidents, sergeant, don corleone, rebel leader)

Why: I barely make it to the shitters and the leaders are the only ones that needs constant activity basically. 5 min is nothing - and you have to take a break IRL some times and not everyone can take a shit in a matter of seconds.
Kind Regards,
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This AFK timer was to prevent people from breaking the rules without meaning to.
I think 5 minutes is enough, if you want to go AFK for longer you could go Citizen and take the job once you are back again.

9.5 When you go AFK for more than 5 minutes, you must switch to Citizen.
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Whilst I do understand that, some RPs are not worth to be ruined because you have to be away for perhaps 7 minutes. Regaining a job is awkward enough and you are not always needed, oppose to being a leader for a group where you need to deal with warrants and orders etc. Anyway, that's my two cents. I of course see your side of it.
Kind Regards,

Maybe 7-8 min rather than 10 though
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not 10 minutes though like 8
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I think the timer should only be there when a team is full.
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I do have to admit, when I'm playing, I no longer want to shit because I will be demoted from my job Sad

Kind Regards,
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