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Protest for your rights that everyone deserves?
5 83.33%
Remain silent about it and live trough this torture every day?
1 16.67%
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SCHOOL PROTEST! (No clickbait)
(01-12-2017, 04:26 AM)Marty Wrote: Do your teachers turn up to teach in those classrooms?

Then maybe you should stop being arrogant little cunts and go do some learning, no doubt happily making use of the free education system. Kids in third world countries have to walk for 4 hours sometimes, if they even have a school to go to, then they go hungry all day and barely eat at night just to get an education just to get to school and you are all complaining about it being a little chilly.

Fuck me.

This comment actually triggered me

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(01-14-2017, 01:46 PM)Amiity Wrote: Why is everyone complaining to him that he should do x and x? He shouldn't have to. The school should follow the laws and regulations not force the students to adapt for them to do half there jobs.

Well, for how much I am on your side, They are free to say whatever they want after all, even though they are wrong in this case.

You are right on what you just said, most people don't get it, but I was educated by my parents to be aware of this sort of situations that happens everyday now, and we must not get fooled by government people just because they are grown ups....  Maybe they were educated in a different way.

Thanks for your comment and sharing your opinion man,

<3 - Ossarium Heart Heart
My school is cool. Having German lesson is like going on Siberia. Cold becouse of a smell of dead mouse and rats(not confirmed, just smell horrible.Usually need to go for's better than nothing. Having Math lesson in rainy day is like...dying. The hole in a ceiling is connect with wires! At the least wires aren't damaged.
Also my math teacher is bombing with HOMEWORK, she said we'll(to my class) a lot of HOMEWORK for winter holidays!
I know what you feel, homie.

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