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Unban Request
Your name: Rocky

Your ban ID: 75533

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46230414

R/C to avoid NLR punishment

Staff member who banned you: [FL] Spear

Reason why you should be unbanned: First off, yes I did break NLR. So I had a 600 sec timer before i could click respawn, I then clicked disagree (honestly didn't know what would happen). And I hoped to be able to type to the guys I was playing with I was going to leave. Instead I obviously got disconnected and immediatly reconnected to tell them I was going to leave. 

So short story is, it truly was not my intention to reconnect to avoid the punishment. Because I am well aware reconnecting doesn't help to avoid a punishment but I just hoped I would have been locked in a screen where I could only type. 
Hello Rocky! 

You broke NLR as mentioned and you reconnected after your punishment. It is your own responsibility. How can I be sure this was a mistake and that you are not lying in order to get your ban removed?
[Image: dxm6lnG.png]
Because the thing is my ban expired a couple hours ago, but I just want you to know it was a mistake. I just want a clear record, and am not trying to get my ban removed for other reasons since it's already expired.

If you want to have a clean record you should not have broken the new life rule. However, you've already gone through your punishments and this time I choose to believe in what you say. The ban will be removed from your record. Just learn from your mistake.
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