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PR:ImNinja - FailRP
Name of player: ImNinja

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:46760331

Time in GMT:  19:13

Server: v4b1

Summary: FailRP, Stealing a cop car in public without a vaild RP Reason.

[Image: XEvLZAU.png]

Finn Conlon 

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As the rules states;
Rules Wrote:16.8 You cannot steal vehicles or mug someone in the main street, or where there’s a chance of someone seeing you committing the crime.

When you are a criminal, you want to keep a low profile, which is why you are not allowed to rob or steal in public places, or wheres theres a chance of someone seeing you.

As the person attempted to steal the vehicle in a public place and under the eyes of several witnesses, it is indeed FailRP.


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