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Report: UnshodJoker, TheLegend69, GömmarN
Name of player: UnshodJoker, TheLegend69, GömmarN

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:50528789, STEAM_0:0:61109802, STEAM_0:0:145534335

Time in GMT: From 20:59 to 21:08

Server: V4B1

Summary: Well, I as basically walking around the Industrial, going through all easily accessible places for everyone(unsold doors). When I got to Industrial Factory through the back gate I saw a guy, didn't pay much attention since the place didn't seem owned and then he ran away and came with two friends of him(maybe just gang members, I don't know) and started spreading at me for no reason. They nearly killed me, tied me up and told me to follow them into the Factory building not even listening to me. Then one of them(TheLegend69) started asking me who I was working for so I told him one more time that I was just walking around and that's it. After that I got a dead shot.


P. S. Don't see a way to insert videos on the new interface :/
Links to the evidence does not work.
Please fix them, you have 24 hours, otherwise this PR will be denied.
[Image: 8PjDc0V.jpg]
(01-07-2017, 10:18 AM)Raccoon Wrote: Links to the evidence does not work.
Please fix them, you have 24 hours, otherwise this PR will be denied.

Hi Atlas,

The video shows you inside what seemed to be a hideout for a local group of gangsters. Due to the circumstances it is valid that they took you hostage as they might of have thought that you were trying to steal from or raid their base.  As you didn't give them any money in exchange for letting you go, they did not break any rules.

It seems you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, just unlucky. Happens in real life too where people walk into dangerous places unbeknowingly and get into trouble after they come along some dangerous people.

No rule breakage has been noted, though as a note for everyone please ensure you buy all doors of your property.

Thanks for the report!

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