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Assassin's Creed (The movie)
Going to start off giving my opinions, I loved the movie. At first I was annoyed that they showed too much off the present day, but as the movie kept going, I loved it; they started showing more of Aguilar's story. The acting was good, it was a good length, and managed to make an amazing story.

I know a lot of people were annoyed how the Animus looked, but it is better for a movie. It brings a lot of action, instead of some guy laying in a bed.

[Image: 5-12-2016-10-59-19-am-0033.jpg]
[Image: xWwdaM3.png]
I'll be sure to watch it soon and tell what I thought about it. I have been waiting for this movie for many months now but I haven't gotten around to seeing it.
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Saw the trailer before watching Dr. Strange and I may see it.
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