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Report: IVIrCheetham
Name of player: IVIrCheetham
 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82881576
 Time in GMT: 9:40 AM
 Server: v1b1
 Summary: I was over at AMPM building, then IVIrCheetham came up with a baseball bat
 and started beating my car with it, then Gamingriot650 (STEAM_0:1:170491552) SRU, came up to
 arrest him but instead, IVIrCheetham Disconnected to avoid jail time as you can see in the picture below.

Edit: I also copied the Console.

"*** Jacob Wall starts to handcuff Brode Cheetham.
*** Jacob Wall clicks both cuffs over each hand therefore, finishing handcuffing Brode
*** Jacob Wall radios in: I have warranted Brode Cheetham for an arrest for duration 5
Player IVIrCheetham (STEAM_0:0:82881576) has disconnected (Disconnect by user.)."
 Evidence: [Image: 20170105233608_1.jpg]
[Image: l3wmO1m.jpg]

You arn't involved into this case

Fearless Administrator
Edit and fix your template, You are missing the "time in GMT" we in the staff team cannot be scanning through the whole days log for this.
you have 24h to provide the fully template or this PR will be denied.
[Image: 8PjDc0V.jpg]
I don't see the need to search the logs as you can see it plain as day there.
But none the less, it's fixed. Happy?
[Image: l3wmO1m.jpg]
After checking logs, and I confirm that the player was handcuffed and awaiting a warrant, then logged off.


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